Sunday, January 31, 2016

Walking Quietly With Horse's #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Now you gone n done it Cowboy (mom's horse).
Yesterday, not 1 minute before Kathy was to take Cowboy from pasture to stall for the night, Boy decided to play his guitar by plunking the fence. Boy cut his foot Dr. Katy bad and will be in his box stall for a week, then indoor outdoor stall for 3 more weeks.

I mean shit Boy. Boy is the heart of everything we do n this could get serious. My emotions are a bit raw as to the possible. I told Kathy that we will pray for him n I did last night.

On an aftershock of this whole mess, Laurie Svendsen  we need to talk about Marnie Marie. Boy will be in isolation for a month and Marnie Marie may not like this whole situation. Do we turn her out alone? My thought is that we let one of Honey Bee's boys stand in for Boy in his absence. Personally I think Buddy would be a good choice to keep Marnie company while Boy gets better.

last summer's wildflower test plot. next year 3 more plots.
If I had a dollar for every time I walk into the barn n say hey buddy how you doin, to have a person answer like I'm talkin to them. Uhm ...... Sorry I was talkin to the horse. Most of the time I lie n just pretend I was talkin to the Human, but the dogs n horses know I was actually talking to them.

Every so often we all just need to pause, take a moment n a breath.
I refuse to be changed by things I can not control.
What I can control is how I view the world and how I choose to walk through it.

My chore day with the horses usually starts at 2pm when Billy dog just can't take it anymore.
So we suit up, cold and mudd gear, out we go.

The very first thing I always see is (horses) Roby, Bow, Cowboy and Marni Marrie bitching me out.
Basically saying, Where you been Dude we want our sweet cake.

Off I go to the warehouse where the hay is stored. It takes 9 bales minimum per day to feed this bunch. I load the tractor n over again to the old barn.

Paco is still running things in his pen but I've noticed Johnny is a bit less intimidated.
The Old Man will never challenge Paco, it just isn't in his nature.
I think when Red moves in that things will settle down.
It's a numbers game Red will most likely ally with Johnny n the Old Man.
At that point I think Paco will be a little more live n let live about things.

Cowboys pen is fine, He's got two female horses.
Of all the horses Cowboy gives me the hardest time.
The mouth on that boy would make you shrink. 

That said the 3 best horses on the farm are Cowboy, Johnny, and Red.
All 3 have purest souls of any horses I've ever met.
They are friendly, open. Zero damage/no baggage.

Bow n Robby are getting on OK.
Bow pushes at Robby some but Robby is a pretty big guy, that's not gonna last long.

Then we get to Aunt B.
Aunt B/Honey B moved in with old Busta when we had to annul her marriage to Bow.
Man that was a toxic relationship. Honey tends to bring the harsh out in bow.
Poor ole Honey just can't seem to get old Buster going.
Buster is a big red horse, with a pretty laid back personality.

Honey B picks her men, they really don't have any say in the matter.
B latches on to the male horse she likes in the pen and shooo's any female competition away.
Like it or not Busta is married now. Actually true to his nature, I just don't think he gives a damn.

If you've checked out the Barrel Book you will know that I make all my own mangers out of 55 gallon plastic barrels and hay bags.
They're actually quite cool. Lately though Honey B has a new game called tip the feeder over.
I get it, then she can get at the hay without having to fight the haybag.
So yesterday I cut a 4 inch hole in the base of the one she was tipping over. I added a bucket of 2 inch stones to what was already there.
True to her nature B tipped over the other manger. Nice! Guess you know what I'll be doing this afternoon.

I walk between two worlds. Pez Outlaws world and the simple life I live here on the farm.
I just didn't want to talk about all that other stuff today.
Wanted to keep it simple.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary

Free Horses n Dogs #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

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I sometimes think that if we aren't careful we are gonna go bankrupt from Free Horses n Dogs.
There seems to be no end to the number of good Horses n Dogs that need a home.

Three of my Dogs are Free Dogs, translation Dog's that needed a home.
Meaning over half the Dogs that live here were "rescues".
Technically 1/2 the horses 9 out of 18 that live here are also "rescues". 
I say technically because Johnny Cash is  owned by Clinton County Handicapped Riding.
We feed n take care of Johnny for them.

The other 8 horses were given to us to give them a good home.
The Old Man, Cowboy, Duncan, Wendy, Paco, Honey B, Red and Tricky.
The last thing in the world we ever need to do is pay money for a Horse.  

Red is the latest "free" Horse. He needs medical care (eye issue) but I believe that he's a really good horse.
Cowboy n Duncan were #14 and #15 on a horse pile fighting over not much food.
When we got them they needed groceries STAT.
Cowboy n Dunky are awesome looking Horses now.

Free Horses usually have an issue you need to fix but 3 (cowboy, red n johnny) of the purest soul horses I've ever met came from our willingness to accept "FREE Horses". 

One guy deserved his Gold Watch, the Old Man.  He's 35 years old.
It enriches your soul to pay the debt owed a horse for a lifetime of work.

The next "free Horse" is supposed to arrive the day after Christmas.
Man I just don't know? I think the Inn might be full.
The latest way that they show up is a request for temporary board that turns into a plea to take the hose.

So NO, we do not buy horse's anymore. There are just way to many good horse's pleading for a good home. 

Four of the animals that live here asked me personally if they could live here, two dogs Pinky n Billy and 2 horses Johnny n Red. I just can't find it in my heart to say no when they ask. 
What are you gonna do? We figure out a way to make it work.

People lie, animals don't. On that note Billy Dog says it's chore time.

Free Horse Update

I'm just recovered from my Holiday present, The Flu.
For Five days my body rejected any thought of normalcy.
This left me dull witted n gloomy.

The horses n dogs as always are my salvation.
There world keeps turning, so familiarity of purpose takes over.
Sometimes I wonder but there example provides clarity.

For a few days the headcount of horses reached 19.
That was due to the arrival of Jimmy, Red n Tenny.
More free horses than 1 feller knows what to do with.

So we shared the wealth.
Kathy contacted Rachel.
Rachel found a good home for Wendy.

Ahhh! Back to 18.
New problem, Marni Marrie comes in at night n that means Smokey/cowboy would be alone at night.
Red needs a pen? Hmmm.

You see organizing pen-mates is not a haphazard thing.
A lot of thought about personalities goes into it.
These decisions are above my pay grade.

Red is an open friendly boy, put him in the wrong pen n that innocents could be damaged.
Cowboy said he'd be fine coming in at night.
Hey, what do I know. Maybe Cowboys right.

Sick, rain, snow or cold chores must be done.
The fact that the horses count on me, keeps me going even when my mind has doubts.

I hope they follow through n actually do make the Pez Outlaw movie.
This year (2016) will most likely tell the tale, otherwise it'll cost them another $5,000.
Realistically though I'm not sure how much it will affect me if they do.

I play with the idea for fun.
Though it seems like I've been waiting a lifetime for Pez Outlaw to finish his adventure.

The randomness is intended.
I try not to reread what I write.
I want the thought to stay in it's moment.

One thing is most definitely true.
I do not live up to the hopes n expectations of Billy Dog.
Billy Dog has crazy BIG Dreams n Hopes.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Difference #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Parties that might get pissed. Read the whole thing first. 
It's a whole thought not any individual sentence.

The difference to me is.
Commit to a goal 100% which is to the exclusion of everything else.

To many people get pushed n pulled in every direction by others with needs n wants.

No, focus in on what you want n put in the time, 3 to 4 hours every day for well over a decade.

Someone says, sign here then step back, we got it.
All your dreams are now gonna come true.
Meanwhile I have to go shovel horse shit.

We didn't get here by me waiting.
A contract is only a maybe.
Just like Pez Outlaw Diary was only a maybe.

Never lay back n just hope.
You keep fighting till success is in your hand.

Plenty of time to rest later. 
Remember, once you've won, Don't Try To Wear it, because your creation is not gonna fit.
Let it move along on it's own n you move along on your own.
You are you n it is it.
Watch it, joy at it's reality, but know the difference.
After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Not a hill I want to die on. #pezoutlaw

I call Billy Dog a Danish Mastiff. Great Dane's were created by the Danish by crossing a MASTIFF with a Grey Hound. Hence to me, a Danish Mastiff.

Billy likes to dig holes. Lots of them n all over the place.
Spring n Fall are hole digging season.
During summer months Billy lets gardens grow, so as you might expect she gets very excited when Hole Season starts in the Fall.

(totally off topic. gardens etc. Proby Dog Mastiff loves Taters. Nothing makes Po happier than if you dig up a tater n toss it to her. well false Crazy Bread is her favorite. so taters n Crazy Bread.)

I just finished leveling off a spot n by evening Billy had already dug in it.

Was talking about it with one of the ladies that come here.
I told her it just wasn't a hill I was prepared to die on.

Billy has turned into a really wonderful dog n we got her here keeping almost all of the puppy.
this is always my goal.

Training dogs for cohabitation has changed radically for me over the last 40 years.
I now train conversationally. I work every day all day on n off with the dogs. I no longer care how long it takes. Quick fixes are easy but usually damage the puppy within.

With dogs, horses, children whatever, you have to decide what's important n what is not.
Dogs love to digg holes, Do I really want to live n die on that hill. NO!

Though I will have playful low volume continuous conversations about those holes.
To which Billy will just say as she peers up out of one, but it's just so much fun.

Billy Dog, HERO!

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. Nope it's Billy Dog.

Billy Dog has been after me to tell her story.
I swear she's going to be basking in the glow of this one for a long time.
Billy Dog wants a red cape.

Yesterday I was telling you how Johnny n The Old Man (horses) moved in with Paco.
Well every night The Old Man (35 year old Arab) comes in to his stall.
He needs the peace n quiet of a good nights sleep, not having to watch his back.
Also being a rather old horse he needs special food to maintain good condition.
I call it his grandpa food, 2 scoops of senior, 1 scoop strategy plus a good flake of second cutting tucks him in just right for the night.

OK that's the why, now the how.
Remember The Old Man and Johnny are in with Paco who's in a mood.
The first night I go out to get the Old Man, he n john hustle into the entry stall.
Both just shaking. (note the Old Man and Johnny are big horses, Paco is a pony)
I'm busy trying to get just one out the slider.
Long story short, The Old Man puts me into the wall.
Billy Dog comes up over the wall teeth bared, the harshest bark she can muster.
No contact was made, I won't allow that but talk is fine.

I'm fine, I'm not an easy guy to break.
Like I said if you take a broad view of Billy Dogs response to my predicament, there was a lot of good in it. I want to take a year or so to hopefully guide her instincts to measured usefulness.

Billy Dog is already picking up a lot.
When cars go by n we are outside she Po n I all pause to carefully watch them go by.
My thoughts are this. Evil Doers will just take one look at me and the dogs n decide that the dogs and I are just more trouble than it's worth.

Billy Dog is showing a lot of promise at just under 3 years old.
I just need to help her make some choices.

Billy Dog Update

The last few days Billy has hit one of those points in need of guidance that happen with dogs.
My son just walked into the house n she questioned if her response should be more aggressive.
A guy brought over some hay yesterday, again she questioned herself, should I be more aggressive.

These types of moments determine a dogs behavior for the rest of there life.
Miss them n you become that person that tells me. My dog is nippy, to aggressive, what can I do.
Always followed by, your dogs are so good.

I have had dogs my entire life, I notice micro expressions on a dogs face instinctively that most people miss. So when one of my dogs asks me a question about there role or proper response to a situation. I give them guidance.

Dogs are not a when you got the time deal. You need to be able to train at a moments notice n it's always on there timetable.

I explained to Billy, plenty of time to kill them later if they go wrong. Don't tip your hand early.
Be friendly but watch. Bad me, I say these things in front of people, probably shouldn't do that.
Thing is, Billy is a Great Dane, you have to teach her this. A Bull Mastiff knows it instinctively.

Billy is a terrific dog, I appreciate the fact that she asked me what she should do.
Good dogs ask, you must listen.
Miss the question n behavioral patterns are set.

For those of you that think you can not hear a dog talk to you.
My response is you're right n that's because you are not listening.
For those of you that think your dog can not understand you.
Trust me, my dogs understand me, playing dumb is not an option.
I spend every day from the day they arrive at my home listening to them n talking to them.

My goal is to preserve as much of the puppy as possible in the adult dog.
To achieve the perfect natural dog that understands cohabitation.

The number of people that tell me that my dogs are so good, then go into how messed up there dog or there kids dog is, truly amazes me.
Always followed by, any advice?
In my mind I always think. How would or could I go back to when the dog first entered your home n correct all the mistakes you made. Instead I just smile n suggest an obedience class.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary

Monday, January 18, 2016

With A Little Help From My Friends. #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

This post is actually a revisit of, Know Your Job, Do Your Job. Nothing Is More Important.

Last night we finished the day at 8pm. I was in the shower washing it off when Kathy came in saying one of the ladies that come here just called. She was phoning from outside to tell us hay had just arrived.
I started getting pissed. Kathy said oh he's just gonna leave it, you can do it tomorrow.

Hay is a funny thing. Besides being a Zen activity, it has a way of coercing you to finish it. Simply so you can walk away with the pride of , "Yes We put away 2 wagons of hay last night."
The brag of accomplishment is uttered by each involved the next.

Took me a minute to get my head on right. Know Your Job, Do Your Job. Nothing Is More Important.

My job is to do exactly this. 
I deal with hay 3 times. 
I Put the hay away, get it out n feed horses, then pick up there poo. 

Susan, Sloan, Moriah n I had it in the building in one hour. Kathy moved the wagons around. 
FYI, there was a touch of REDNECK involve in getting the hay outa the wagon. Just ask Susan n Sloan.

We used the put it on the carts, run it inside n dump it method. It's a good size building. It used to be my warehouse for the "collectibles" I used to sell. Now it's mostly the hay building n work shop.

I will take the next few days to check moisture content, (defines how I stack it) to put the hay away.


Know Your Job, Do Your Job. Nothing Is More Important

I work for Kathy so just get on with it Buddy n shut up. 

I was talkin with Billy Dog n Pinky this morning n we all agreed. Our job is to protect n do what Mom says. 

That n this thing here, Whatever this is? 

One in 1 Billion facebook users, kinda make ya proud, huh.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Minsky #pezoutlaw #hollywood

The Adventures of PEZ OUTLAW - SUPER HERO!

tell a Pez Outlaw story that makes people wish they could be him n live the decade he lived

Minsky the Fargo Android Robot aka Unit MNSKY. Season 3 on FX ...
May 8, 2017 - Uploaded by netvelocityinc
... Minsky is the lovable Android Robot on FX's Fargo Season 3, Episode 3. ... Minsky the Fargo Android ...

"I can help"
This episode of Fargo was pure genius.
The writing wasn't just clever, it was some of the best writing I've ever seen on TV.
How the story of Minsky was interwoven throughout the episode was delightful.
The Minsky episode will be a reference point on how good TV can be for the rest of my life.

Mega block Busters yeah sure big bucks, the rest not so much.
By The Way, Who decide that Pez Outlaw wasn't a Super Hero?

Pez Outlaw is a story of hope for n to the middle class n poor of the Middle of this country.
Pez Outlaw connects with the portion of America you are not reaching anymore.

Data point.
Notes from the Asylum is a window into the mind of Pez Outlaw.
The overwhelming # of views are from Czechia, Slovakia n Russia the other less than half are from Fly over country USA.

Pez Outlaw is a story of the American dream, the possibility n of adventure beyond our poor n middle class dreams.
You need to tell a Pez Outlaw story that makes everybody wish they could be him n live the decade he lived.

Remember, Pez Outlaws happy ending could be him sitting in the shadows watching his movie being made during the closing credits.
That to the mentioner is "everything I ever wanted", WELL n a Pez Outlaw Book.

Just my albeit biased opinion. 
I get it I'm nobody n how could I possibly have this right?
Then again' Quentin Tarantino was a video store clerk.

It's like you've never even spoke to me about my actual story.
Oh yeah that's right, you never have.
What in the world have you got to lose by seeing what I think or my take.

You need customers who wish they could be Pez Outlaw. 
People buy Hope n dreams every day of the week, lottery tickets/scratch offs.
Pez Outlaw is the story of hope n dreams, if we win in the end..

The following is a personal opinion not the result of a few million dollar study.
Possible side affects are as follows.

The Magic 10

To me we the middle class n poor seem to follow a life pattern.
We work and or mess up about the first 45yrs of our lives on somebody else's goals.
My theory is that the 10yrs between ages 45 n 55 are our potential awakening years.

By age 45 we've watched long enough n some of us have a few ideas of our own by then.
To me this decade between 45 n 55yrs of age is our magic moment.
This decade is our peak time to apply the youthful energy we have left on a goal of our own before our bodies start to slow down.

At 45 we have energy, means n knowledge to try something of our own
The trick is not to screw the pooch, well ................ um, like I did.
Your moves need to be measured, thoughtful n on point.

Do not get carried away. 
Do not get caught up in whatever success you may have.
This is your window to advance your families life not to become Bill Gate's.
You missed that window at 20.

Stay focused like a laser on the core goal n idea.
You tell yourself, if I fail this won't be the only good idea I have.
Again buddy you're not Steve Job's, this one might be all you get, so play it smart.

In My Magic 10 I earned 4.5 million dollars.
By year 11 I had lost everything.
Shit that sucked.

My mistakes were as follows.

I liked how people treated me n started believing what they said.
I started believing, well a lot of bullshit that wasn't real. 
Mirror Mirror etc.

I lost focus on for me the core product.
I spent a God awful lot of money on tangential items/merchandise.
I shoulda stuck to just in this case pez dispensers n dispensers only.

No Flix, Topp's, Fun Flips, pins, pez promo items, bags, rafts, skateboards or t-shirts etc.
No starting the California Pez Con, Hell they don't even acknowledge that Josh n I started it. (cost to me personally over $10,000.00 to put on first California Convention,

I flew over 6 staffers out, rented rooms, food, ballroom, advertising n all the prizes donated by me. n that doesn't count Kathy n my expenses. Then I gave the CA. Con to those 2 guys as we packed to leave. What a collasal waste of money n time)
I also gave away to much product to existing conventions etc.

I should not have sold wholesale.
I should have bought all I could then taken the next 2 or 3 decades to sell it myself.
I should not have hired so many people in my company.
I should have hired just Josh n Ri, period.

My biggest mistake was at the end.
I shoulda folded, but I doubled down.
I trusted the very company I knew despised me.
Pez corporation turned that trust against me n stole every idea I gave them.
In short, I was a schmuck.

I knew better n yet I did it anyway.
Not the first time, hopefully the last.

see Pez Outlaw Diary
C1. The Case Against Pez Corporation #pezoutlaw #h... 

Kathy said yesterday that I always told her I had more than 1 good idea.
Truth is I've had 3ish so far, I'm just praying I have one last one.

Do not waste your Magic 10yrs, be smarter than I was.
It's not about you, mess up n your whole family will suffer.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

RIP Old Man - See Ya, Buddeee! #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

The Old Mans Eulogy

The Old Man passed yesterday.
With his passing I felt my own mortality.

I never knew the Old Man except when he was older.
I believe he spent his last decade with us.

The reason Kathy took him in when he was no longer ride-able is that she'd seen to many sad stories of good horses tossed aside after there useful life ends.
The Old Man was given his Gold Watch n a good decade of ease.

The goofy bugger knew he didn't have to do another thing, except what he wanted to.
Every day at 5pm he'd start bugging me to let him into his stall for his grandpa food.
(2 scoops of senior n 1 scoop of strategy.) 

The old man walked his own path, no longer involving himself in the foolishness of the young horses.
Funny thing is I find myself emulating that very same choice.

None of the other horses messed with me as much as the Old Man.
The guy talked my ear off, n was a hay flinger (he'd grab a flake of hay from the bucket of the tractor n just toss it, making me have to go pick it up).

The Old Man also looked for every opportunity to sneak out the gate for yard grass.
Hay flinging or escaping I never got pissed, it was always for C.... Sakes Old Man or just simply "Dude Really".

The Old Man raised many children in his 37yrs, I was always hearing stories. 
I rode him when I was 3.
He lived down the road when I was a child.

One of his children Alex, came back to him in his last year n groomed him n walked him.
Alex spent his final moments with him.

It's tearing my heart to write this.
When our friends pass it reminds us.

The Old Man was my friend n I will miss him.
R.I.P. Khan.

I laid him to rest yesterday, now we pick his tree.

Farm Update.
10ee (horse) grabbed The Old Mans Gold Watch before it even hit the ground.
It's a good gig n he's no fool.

For more see
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My dream is was that dk made the Pez Outlaw movie n jeff maysh ghost wrote the book so we could operate as an animal rescue n not go bankrupt doin it.
We're gonna keep doin what we  can, just woulda been nice to break even.
ea horse $2.00 worth hay per day, 18 horses x 365 = $13,140.00 per yr for just hay.
The movie n book woulda been nice.
It's a sin in life if you don't do something about a thing once you are aware of it.

Oh yeah n another "FREE" (meaning nobody else will take him) horse is on his way to the farm as we speak.

Since we began here at Notes From The Asylum I've had occasion to write a few posts about Dogs n Horses.
From that information you most likely know that we have 18 horses n 4.25 dogs living on the farm at the moment.
Puddy/Tootsie baby Dachshund is the .25, she's very small.
I suppose by that math Tricksie should be counted as .33 of a horse.

Anyway, the point being lots of animals live here n everything depends on relationships.
Knowing the animals or better yet understanding them.
I've told you that I'm a ground pounder, meaning I no longer ride, not for 25 years.
My job is to take care of the horses, Feed them, Water them, clean up there poo.
I also maintain there fences, feeders n living quarters.

I do not train horses, but for the work that I do for them of which they are keenly aware.
I expect consideration, if in a situation that could go either way, I expect that the horses give that little bit to me out of appreciation.
To be honest if as horse does not, they are gone.
I'm happy to say that we have a very good group of horses here now, all the problem children are gone.

Here's the thing.
My babies see me working for things they want, a safe world to live in, food n water.
If a horse can't give me that little tilt that turns a potential disaster into a win for us both.
That's a horse I do not want to have around.
A horse that will not show a very small bit of consideration for my labor is a fool.

In the last few years I've come to recognize a very general form of communication from horses.
How they hold there head, ear position, how they shape there eyes, other micro expressions n body language.
No one thing but more an overall.
When combined with a situation you understand what a horse is saying.

Johnny being loaded to leave to a new potential home.
Very big soft eyes looking directly at me, resigned body language.
Johnny was asking to stay.
I told them immediately if it does not work out, bring him back, a week later Johnny returned.
Johnny struck the bargain, I will be a good horse n be friendly n considerate for your work.
Done deal John, you're home.

Red the horse. Red, Red, Red, Redneck.
Red bunged himself up good at his new home with someone we know.
It was not a good fit.
Red was sent here so his eye n leg could heal, she did not, not want him back.
Kathy said has he asked you yet.
Honey, that's all he's doing is asking, over n over n over.
Red struck the bargain, he said I see n appreciate what you do for me, I will be a good horse n be friendly n considerate.

Two Boys came to us a few years back Cowboy n Dub.
Both horses struck the deal happily, Boy n Dub had been #14 n #15 on a 15 horse pileup for food that was running low n out.
Good groceries n a few years n oh my gosh what beautiful boys they are.

Billy dog asked me if she was finally home when was still in the car that brought her here.
Yes Billy your home now.

Many of the horses that show up here have needs.
They need to heal, either from a physical injury or mental issues.
That care is a golden moment to find the inner horse, the good ones get it n a line of communication is opened during there recovery.
That intimate time of healing is where the bond n relationship can be formed.
Ole Roz took 3 years with a mental issue, but now she is my sweet baby.
I found by respecting Roz's boundary issues that she in turn gave me respect for recognizing her needs.
The other day Roz put her head in the doorway gently next to my shoulder.
Trust is a very big thing, my movement n behavior could be trusted.

I've noticed something else with a type of horse I like beyond a horse that is willing to strike a mutual bargain.
There are horses that have child like innocence, a purity of n open souls.
You can tell by the way they carry themselves n by what they think is fun.
Some horses are playful open n honest.
Cowboy will just follow Kathy around, he genuinely likes her.
Cowboy, Red n Jimmy are the best examples of this.
Damage a horse like this n you will go to hell.

Then you got the Old Man 36 = 108 in human years.
The Old Man is the biggest chatterbox on the farm, that guy has somethin to say about most everything.
Remind you of anybody.

I expect when crazy is happening that my dogs n horses behave.
Which brings us to the topic of today.
The neighbors 3 horses got out 3 times yesterday.
The first time I only heard about. 
The 4pm one I had to catch them. 
The 8pm one I had to catch them.

4pm. saw neighbors 3 horses just gettin it down the road toward my place while watering. 
put the hose down n started calling, come on babies I got ya.
With horses you want create a situation where the horse has 2 choices n one of them is one that they kinda want anyway, then move them toward the good choice.
Tried grain, you make noise in a bucket n most horses are like Pavlov's Dog to the sound.
No Go.
OK, got 2 flakes second cutting laid it in driveway midway up n worked my way behind them.
Lots of foolin round 10 minutes later got my hands on who by then saw was there leader.
Headed towards new barn/arena yellin Susan's name.
Got barn open took the big guy to stall #6.
Oh crap forgot to close barn door, other 2 headed back out.
10 minutes later recaptured them, closed the door this time.
Gave them each 2 flakes 1st cutting, best cause don't know what they're used to n a fresh bucket of water.
My part done, Susan drove down to tell the guy we had his horses.

Guy had been in yard cuttin wood, Horses just ran behind him sayin see ya.

Guy gets here, told him we're good.
Just did what Kathy would've expected.
I'll get my atta boy from her when she gets home.
Problem woulda been if I'd done less, then in Kathy's eyes I would have been found wanting.
So I'm good, just went from done early to done late, I'll get over it.

Car pulls in, dogs go nuts, very nice lady at the door.
Hey steve, just almost hit 3 horses in the road, they yours.
Nope, guy down the roads.
I'm tired, remember I'm almost 65, see how smooth I play that card.
The problem is I actually have no choice, you see each night by 7pmish I tuck all my horses in for the night, one by one.
So all was good at 7:15pm, but horse running by can ryle everybody up so at the very least I gotta go out n retuck them all in.
I get out doin that n I see west of me cars in the road stopped headlights on horses in the road.
Well shit, somebody or an animal is just gonna get hurt.
Down the road I go talking to the horses, Hey Babies I got ya.
This time Big Boy comes right to me so a parade of me horses n cars starts down the dirt road in the dark lit by headlights.
A car comes from the other direction, it's a Nichols one of Lyle's boys.
Hey could you do me a favor, drive down n tell him I got his horse's, you know, again.
Good kid actual man, he did.
guy shows up midway between our houses, a bit of a walk for me.
Hey buddy long time no see.
Well least since about 6pm.
Hey Buddy you got stalls down there. 
He says yah maybe I better put them in them.
Me, yah maybe a good idea.
See yah.

Thing is, horse's some say aren't real bright but if they figure something out they are gonna keep doin it.
Cowboy is sure as shit that if he walks slow enough he can walk through a fence n he's been almost right a few times..
Me I turn the fencer on n he gets a poke n thinks better of the idea.
My horses though if they get out stay pretty much here.
Why, because they like it here n there friends are here.
Plus we all made the deal.
I work for them n they give me the benefit of the doubt in tricky situations.
Otherwise they are gone.

There are to many animals here for us to not cooperate, so everything runs smooth.
Foolish animals create chaos n I personally have no time n can't afford ignorant animals.
I make an effort n expect the same.

I care deeply for all of my animals but I expect that they listen when I ask them for a favor.

Out of nowhere n totally unrelated.
One of the best TV lines I've heard in a long time.
On Better Call Saul.
From Chuck to his brother Jimmy.
Giving a law degree from the University of Samoa to Slippin Jimmy is like giving a monkey a machine gun.
Soul Crushingly good dialog.



Short Horse Story

Roz n her 2 horse compadres got loose today.
Better than it sounds.
I had a choice when the first horse charged the gate, close the gate n god knows where that one ends up or run fast as I can n close the arena door. 
I chose option B, meaning all 3 got out but damage limited to inside the arena.

As Sloan would say, the neighbors learned some new curse words.
Then the coolest thing happened, after calling Roz a few times, she led the other 2 back into there pasture.
That a horse comes when you call it is pretty good on it's own, add to that 3 years ago I couldn't get within 10 ft of Roz because it scared her to much.
Oh yeah n Roz let me pet her head in front of her moms yesterday.

So you know, crisis averted.

News alert.
Billy Dog ran for her life.
3 horses charging at you is more than her internship as a horse dog could take.
We'll get'm next time Billy.
I'm not sure it wasn't the better part of valor in the situation.  

The rest of the story.

A while back Billy Dog got kicked in the side by a horse, it left a 2 inch hole.
Ripped her hide good.
So I think you can understand why Billy Dog is not real keen to take on 3 fast moving horses.

Here's the part that will surprise you.
Billy Dog wants with all her heart to be a herd manager.
Things stay where there supposed to n go where there supposed to.

That kick in Billies side gave her wisdom.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary