Sunday, January 31, 2016

Walking Quietly With Horse's #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

last summer's wildflower test plot. next year 3 more plots.
If I had a dollar for every time I walk into the barn n say hey buddy how you doin, to have a person answer like I'm talkin to them. Uhm ...... Sorry I was talkin to the horse. Most of the time I lie n just pretend I was talkin to the Human, but the dogs n horses know I was actually talking to them.

Every so often we all just need to pause, take a moment n a breath.
I refuse to be changed by things I can not control.
What I can control is how I view the world and how I choose to walk through it.

My chore day with the horses usually starts at 2pm when Billy dog just can't take it anymore.
So we suit up, cold and mudd gear, out we go.

The very first thing I always see is (horses) Roby, Bow, Cowboy and Marni Marrie bitching me out.
Basically saying, Where you been Dude we want our sweet cake.

Off I go to the warehouse where the hay is stored. It takes 9 bales minimum per day to feed this bunch. I load the tractor n over again to the old barn.

Paco is still running things in his pen but I've noticed Johnny is a bit less intimidated.
The Old Man will never challenge Paco, it just isn't in his nature.
I think when Red moves in that things will settle down.
It's a numbers game Red will most likely ally with Johnny n the Old Man.
At that point I think Paco will be a little more live n let live about things.

Cowboys pen is fine, He's got two female horses.
Of all the horses Cowboy gives me the hardest time.
The mouth on that boy would make you shrink. 

That said the 3 best horses on the farm are Cowboy, Johnny, and Red.
All 3 have purest souls of any horses I've ever met.
They are friendly, open. Zero damage/no baggage.

Bow n Robby are getting on OK.
Bow pushes at Robby some but Robby is a pretty big guy, that's not gonna last long.

Then we get to Aunt B.
Aunt B/Honey B moved in with old Busta when we had to annul her marriage to Bow.
Man that was a toxic relationship. Honey tends to bring the harsh out in bow.
Poor ole Honey just can't seem to get old Buster going.
Buster is a big red horse, with a pretty laid back personality.

Honey B picks her men, they really don't have any say in the matter.
B latches on to the male horse she likes in the pen and shooo's any female competition away.
Like it or not Busta is married now. Actually true to his nature, I just don't think he gives a damn.

If you've checked out the Barrel Book you will know that I make all my own mangers out of 55 gallon plastic barrels and hay bags.
They're actually quite cool. Lately though Honey B has a new game called tip the feeder over.
I get it, then she can get at the hay without having to fight the haybag.
So yesterday I cut a 4 inch hole in the base of the one she was tipping over. I added a bucket of 2 inch stones to what was already there.
True to her nature B tipped over the other manger. Nice! Guess you know what I'll be doing this afternoon.

I walk between two worlds. Pez Outlaws world and the simple life I live here on the farm.
I just didn't want to talk about all that other stuff today.
Wanted to keep it simple.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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