Sunday, January 8, 2017

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Give the Dog a bone.

I start every day listening to Varney n Company on FBN.
So you know today Zuckaberge said he is going to give away 99% of his company, 45 billion.
Buffet is going to give away all his money when he dies. 
Gates is currently giving away his billions.

Honestly, to have those problems.
Us poor people out here just can not begin to relate.

I do have one thought though.
It's the old, do you give a man a fish or teach him to fish.

Do you do feel good save the planet stuff or do you put your money to work to better the American people with good jobs.
That's what gets missed in all of this. 
America is where, why, how you were able to make all that money.

I understand that the cool thing is to get your picture taken next to a mudd hut saving humanity. 
But are you actually?
A strong productive America has through it's strength and generosity done more to help the impoverished around the world than any other nation in history.

The problem is not the poor, as Jesus said there will always be poor.
That great engine needs care, America needs to strengthen herself so it can continue to help the world.

My point is this. America is sick right now. The middle class has been decimated and the only cure for that is good jobs.
If I had 45 billion dollars, rather than become a global dogooder.
I'd take over or start a new car company or some other manufacturing company here in the USA n create good jobs for the American middle class. 
I wouldn't care if all that company did was break even, as long as it made good product and provided as many jobs as possible.

America and the American people gave you your wealth, time to show some appreciation.
To me the greatest sin other than not showing gratitude through your actions is giving great amounts of wealth to feel good charity.
The act is lazy. Great amounts of wealth are meant to work, to create and through that bring people up out of poverty.

You see by just giving money to charity you are skipping the most important step.
Your wealth was meant to provide opportunity not be a handout.

People don't want soup kitchens, they want jobs.
People yearn for dignity.

I had money once, I created as many jobs as I could with that money while I had it.
God Bless, it's your money. The blank page demanded.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are more my kind of philanthropists, they create and create jobs doing it.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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