Monday, July 2, 2018

The Care n Feeding of Your Dreams #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Pez Outlaw

Last nights dream was about Pez Outlaw taking off on the web.
I remember seeing the white boxes with bold print talking about Pez Outlaw.
One of the happiest dreams that I've had in a very long time.

The people from California were actually talking to me about promoting the content.
It was like heaven had opened up.

I'm not sure which part of my dream shocked me the most.
The fact that the people in California were actually talking to me or tha Pez Outlaw had taken off.

The people from California were suggesting new content.

I told them to just go ahead n handle it, so I could just sit back n enjoy it.

I've waited over a decade n a half for this day, even if it was a dream.
For the record, last night was the first n only time that I've had this dream.

Unfortunately I had to wake up, half expecting or hoping that the dream had been a premonition of coming events.
Like I said I woke up n the 3 years of waiting continues.

At least for a brief moment last night in my dreams it was real.
That's it just a dream.

Each n every day we are bombarded with all forms of unimportant things.
For one night the promises were real. 

I realize at best if all my dreams came true it would only last about 3yrs.
The reason it's so important to me is so that I can finally close this chapter of my life.


Einstein n me

Look who else wore fuzzy slippers.
Pez Outlaw friends.

What do I want? What's my goal?

My first goal is that Pez Outlaw and his story becomes a Hollywood Movie.

My second and no less important goal is that The Pez Outlaw Book is published by a major publishing house.

My third goal is that because of the movie and the book, Pez Corporation chooses to make reparations for the Half Million Dollar Fraud perpetrated by there company in 1998 that destroyed my company. By doing so writing there own ending to the Pez Outlaw story.

OTHER Smaller Goals.

Pez Outlaw Diary is purchased by a smaller publishing house and after some serious editing it too is released in paperback as a companion piece to the Bigger House Publication of The Pez Outlaw. I think that The Diary itself would make a nice contribution as support material to the movie and the bigger book.

I'd also like the notoriety of a big Pez Outlaw movie and book to make it possible for my children's book Princess Puddy n The Golden Bowl  to be published.

If all the stars align.

Somebody offers to publish
The Cereal Box Price Guide The Barrel Book

That is my Dream.
Where we are at, at this very moment.
I'm contractually not allowed to say.
Yes I have signed 2 contracts with 2 different "people" both of them said SHUT UP! 

So why do I keep writing?
I'll tell you why.
Contracts are only interest and intentions.
I can't help feeling that my writing which is after all why the interest was shown in the first place will be a possible deciding factor at some point.
Also, as the only promoter of the Pez Outlaw story for 15 years now I feel it's very important to keep the story alive on the internet to the best of my ability.

Just for giggles. Do any of you remember this ebay listing from a few years ago.

I'll let you in on a little secret. If a movie and a book are made I'll be lucky if I clear $75,000.00 combined/total. Reasons; agents 10%, Joshua 10%, Taxes up to 30%.

That is not me complaining, it's just a reality check for people who think you get rich if a book n movie are made about you. Add to that my mission statement concerning Pez Outlaw Diary and Notes From The Asylum. One word TRANSPARENCY or 3, spill your guts.

The reality of what I'd actually make off the movie and the book after 15 years work and the fact that what it's all about is that I actually lost 1/2 million dollars is why......

That's why I still hope that Pez Corporation decides it's in there best interest to make restitution. see
Chapter 13. Pez Outlaw Goes to Hollywood #pezoutla...

Realistically the Movie and the book are only the means to the end, motivators if you will. Encouragement to do the right thing.
That being a decision making process by Pez Corporation that ends in them deciding a better final chapter to the Pez Outlaw story needs to be written by them showing how the Pez Corporation of today is not the same as the one headed by Scott McWhinnie in 1998.

It's Kathy's Birthday today.
For 45yrs she has been my salvation.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary

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