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Flying Monkey, Picapalooza #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Billy Dog n Pinky 12/29/15

We're off to see the Wizard, The wonderful Wizard, cause Billy Dog has a new trick.

You might remember that I wrote about how I built a lovely Dog Pen, because Pinky n Puddy are runners.
Well it's also been great for just throwing the dogs out n not having to think about them getting into trouble. 
That's until Ole Billy Dog figured something out.

Billy dog first started jumping into the pen with Pink n Puddy just for the fun of it.
Basically a straight 3 foot jump with a 4 ft drop. No problem.
Well tonight I threw her out cause she was making puking sounds.

Kathy was outside, I went to let Billy in n she was gone.
Called her n I got to watch her jump back in the pen.
The most graceful thing I've seen in a good while.

Billy Dog at a full run, have I mentioned how fast she is?
Leaps off the porch like a launching ramp, front feet hit the top of the wood fence to get that extra push n lands 6 foot into the pen. 
Just beautiful to watch, such grace of motion n athletic ability.

Kathy said Billy thinks she can fly.
Me, I know Billy Dog can fly, I've seen her do it.

Billy Dog is let's call it one of the most unique dogs I've ever shared time with.
19 horses, 1 Billy Dog. At times it's a pretty even match. Pain in the ass wise.
Though the grace of her motion is absolutely beautiful.
What a Knucklehead.

Billy Dog update. It's now been a couple of days n Billy just jumps that 4 ft fence whenever she want.
I'm in the office, Billy jumped into the dog pen so she could access the back door.
Oh, did I forget to mention, Billy Dog knows how to turn the knob on the back door n let herself into the house. 
Yeah, That Too.

Billy Dog is an unstoppable force of nature.
Billy is very optimistic and determined to make her mark. 

This coming year is probably the peak of Billy Dogs youth n athletic ability.
Should make for a fun year.

I prefer Big Red Dogs but I believe Billy Dog through sheer will power is going to become one of the most unique dogs I've ever had. Bill Loves with an open unshielded heart. 
To not return that love would be a sin. 

After all, What's a girl gotta do to get some love round here? 
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, Nope It's Billy Dog. 

Good Dog, Bad Dog

All puppies start out with a clean slate. 
It's people that create bad dogs. 
Want a good dog, do a good job raising it.

A picture of a snarling dog was posted on facebook.
I'm sure you could post a thousand.
What I'd like to see are the stupid people who created that dog.
It does not happen on it's own.

I've been working with dogs for almost 50 yrs.
You learn a lot along the way.
The different types of training methods.
Treats n praise or discipline n deception. 

I prefer cohabitation training.
Figure out what's important to each of you n try to find accommodation.
Billy dog likes to dig, well ok I can live with that.

I try to keep as much of the puppy as possible in the adult dog.
It makes for a more pleasant companion.

Puddy is a miniature Dachshund.
She lives with Pinky an albino Doberman, Billy Dog is a Great Dane, Proby a Bull Mastif
& Aunt lou a farm dog.
Three of the dogs are rescues. All my dogs have impeccable manners.
Puddy plays daily with dogs 20x her size.
They all know that to hurt Puddy is to hurt me, so far never happened.

You'd think n in some houses Puddy then would become a yappy nipper.
No sir re bob. Manners, you do not do that.
My dogs live very rich full lives. In exchange all I ask for is good manners.

Where a lot of people go wrong is that they think a good guard dog must be brutish n aggressive. 
Wrong, a good guard dog is one that loves unconditionally.
In a worst case you are asking a dog to maybe die defending you.
Tell ya what, that dog better love you n you better love that dog.

There is a special place in hell for people who abuse dogs. 

A special note to an old friend John Laspina who recently lost his best friend. 
John I feel very deeply for your loss.
When I lost Rudy I couldn't even talk about her for over a month without losing it.
All my best to you.
Your dog is now playing with Boomie, Rudy, Soupy, Mo Mo n Big in Doggie heaven.

There is a friendly spat about a dog that I've been linked to on facebook.

Dogs are not a sprint, they are a marathon.

You can teach a dog not to whatever very quick, but are you sure fast is what you want?

Each time you use fast you loose a little piece of the natural dog.

I prefer long conversations about a subject.
Currently Billy thinks heading down to play with the deer hunters is a good idea.
I catch on within 5 minutes n call her. Each time her punishment is she goes in the dog pen.
No more free Billy until after dark.

Table n counters as a safe place for objects.
God I long for those days. Top of the refrigerator is the only safe zone in our house.
Cookies or cakes on a counter? You might as well just give them to Billy.

Truth is Dogs settle at about 4 years old n your work finally comes together.
You want a dog with character, be patient. For years goes by real fast.

Picture Day

Who doesn't like a good Billy Dog post.
Bill asked me, am I gonna be more famous than Pez Outlaw?
Yes Billy Dog, you are more famous than Pez Outlaw.
Looka that you even have your own hashtag #billydog.
For all I know, you could even be trending.

Billy Dog update.
So we are doing hay the other day.
Thanks again to, Joshua Glew, Heidi Jo Glew, Moriah Newman, Matt Newman, Laurie Svendsen n Kathy Glew over 1000 bales in 2 days

Billy Gets Airborne

Billy Dog likes to run around on top of the hay.
I'm working along n all of a sudden a blur of black flies by my head.
It was Billy dog getting airborne.

Another one. 
I'm up on the wagon tossing the hay off.
A job I was fired from rather quickly because I broke a bale.
I'm not bitter.
Anyway, 16 foot up in the air top of the wagon, there's Billy n me.
All of a sudden Billy decides she could make the jump.
I grabbed her ass before she got airborne again n tried to explain to her that 16 feet was just to high.
Didn't matter I broke a bale n both Billy n I got fired from the wagon.

The common belief was that Billy n I were foolin around to much.
With hay everything starts at the wagon n if the human n dog throwin the hay off are foolin around thing just go sideways.
So Billy n I got fired n played stacking hay.
Billy Dog says you can find a good game doin anything.
I agree.

Occurred to me that you haven't seen a good pic of Billy Dog since Skinny Bill of a year n a half ago.

So Billy Dog Picapalooza.
Quite a difference from Skinny Billy Huh.

Cart in pic below is a new one. 
Wheels are from a wheel chair.
Kinda an outstanding cart.
made from; wheel chair, baby crib n treadmill.

Ole Josh found the wheels by the side of the road.
You gotta have an eye to the possible.
Note the muscle tone in her back legs.

You ever notice how hard it is to get a pic of just one dog?
N yes these 2 dogs are half the reasons we do not have people just wander onto our property. Though when visitors do come both wait for direction as to acceptability.
Billy n Po stay in there yard but they watch intensely for unacceptable deviation.
You raise good dogs to have a strong sense of order.
They watch flow, tone n motion.
Good dogs key off you. 

Billy has now taken over for Rudy after a 4 year gap.
The dogs get spun up at night n it's Billy Dog who goes out with me to do patrol.
Billy gets about 10 ft out front of me n all her senses take over.
Nose to the air, ears alert n eyes surveying.
I had to wait a long time for her to be ready to take over, but Rudy would approve. 

I always knew Billy would get there.
Others had a lot of doubt.
Now everybody can see the dog I knew was in there.
Yes Billy Dog you are way more famous than Pez Outlaw.

Billy has decided her job is to keep track of Mom. Good Billy Dog.
Personal note to John Laspina.
It took 4 years but I was able to find a new friend after Rudy passed.
Thing is, you have to be open because it may not be what you were expecting.
There is no way I was ever expecting Billy Dog.

OK Po, yes a pic of just you.
After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary

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