Tuesday, January 3, 2017

As The Worm Turns #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

I'm hoping 2017 will have exciting news for the Pez Outlaw Story. 
I will tell you what I can if and when Jeff says it's OK.
Anyway, Here's hoping.

Can't let this slide.
Another darn free horse arrived yesterday making the count 19 horses on the farm.
Seriously, enough already.
I'm going through 9 to 10 bales of hay per day, minimum.
At this rate the 25 to 2700 bales we bought will run out very early spring n we will be buying more.

I love the horses n I get it that our farm is a desired place for someone to place there horse.
But anybody else wanna start taking some of these free horses?
My New Years wish is, NO MORE FREE HORSES.

Since I got my tractor back from repairs I've been playing in Mudd.
As much as 18 inches at times.
Manure waits for no man.
19 horses create a lot of manure.

I'm heading out early today, yes to play in the mud.
I put the snow chains on the front tires.
No snow so far but a big help in mud.

Have a really wonderful New Year, we all deserve one.
I'll try to get us off on a good foot by starting the New Year playing in the mud. 

promted by advert on facebook.
What part of work boot asks for or needs the word Stylish.
My work boots are covered in a thick layer of mud. That's Stylish. 
Kathy washed my work coat, next day covered in mud again. 
I've also gone through 4 pair of jeans in 4 days, casualties of mud war.
Good times spanking around in mud making snow/mud angels, Good times.
Gotta go, Time To Get Muddy. 

One last thing. I get tweets from Fortune Wealth types trying to reach out to me about success.
Kinda crazy, guys in suits trying to connect with a guy that plays in mud.
I'm Just Saying, weird huh. Yeah I'll be sending you money straight away, NO! n HELL NO!
Possibly the only guy you know that thinks getting bolt cutters and a truck load of bank run/dirt for Christmas is really cool.

I was going to make this post a long deal about my pet peeves.
One problem with that, not that much is really bothering me as we sit down together today.
I seem to be in a pretty good place right now.

Mind you that I'm in a fare mood is fighting the odds, because last night was a big ole full moon.
Usually my old friend depression seems to show up with the full moon each month.
I did a quick internal check n nope I'm OK.

This has been a pretty good year, all in all.
Pez Outlaw had a story in the April Playboy.
I haven't that I know of done anything to make anybody really hate me. PEZ?

The coming year holds much promise.

Pet Peeve
I'll give 110% or 1000%.
Start with the obvious, IT"S IMPOSSIBLE.
Even if you work 10 hours a day, at best you are giving 50% of your days efforts.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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