Sunday, November 1, 2015

n The Horse You Rode In On.. #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Shock value over, I cleaned it up. My apologies to facebook friends.
Pez Outlaw Diary is written by a proud member of the writing world substrata.

We write because we can not help but write.
We receive no money for our labors.
I say we are writers because we write.

Our work is not considered up to the professional standards of paid writers.
Yet we are who professional writers and movie producers turn to for original thought n ideas.
Our work is from our hearts, raw in it's originality.
I was told true to my perspective, indicating I suppose raw.

OK, all well n good.
I feel that we who write for no pay are mistreated by the predatory element of the aspiring writer world.
I do not fear for myself, I know who I am. My writing is for myself, as yours should be. 
You don't like it or take exception to my work. Well you know, who needs ya.
That's me though. I have to think those who scheme for a profit would not continue if win loss was not in there benefit.

To my brothers n sisters in the world of writing who do not get paid for your work.
Write because for you there is no alternative.
Write because you must get your thoughts down.
Do not seek approval, stay true to your work.
Commercial writing is full of compromise.
Demographics, focus groups or movie potential.

Our work is the source, the fountain that professional writers n movie producers drink from.

To the point.
If someone wants money from you for any purpose concerning your work.
NO, is the only correct answer.

Pez Outlaw Diary 

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