Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Out Of Darkness, Pez Outlaw #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

When I woke this morning my head was just buzzing.
The thing that's missing in the Pez Outlaw story is, Why.
Not why did Pez Corp do what they did, but Why Pez Outlaw.
What led to him.

Makes me wish I had Jeff Maysh here at my side with his recorder so he could write it.
I guarantee this much.
When not if, Jeff n I do get together to write Pez Outlaw, we're going to rip it up.
My hope is that the end result will be the craziest thing you've ever seen or read.
Above all that you'll enjoy it n not be able to put the book down.

At the moment I don't so at a minimum I need to outline it.
What the story or rather Pez Outlaw Diary needs is a rewrite that de-emphasizes some things as what happened and emphasizes why.

I think defiance is at the core of it. An unwilling or inability to conform.
Literal out of darkness. see stories of being put in schoolroom closet in grade school.
see story of being put in the hole in county jail.
Metaphorically out of Darkness but not the core of it, Defiance was at the core.

A lifelong yearning to succeed at conflict with an inability to conform.
I sabotaged every opportunity of success.

I've never been able to do anything the easy way.
It's there, it's obvious, yet I always choose a different path.

I had the opportunity for a good job facilitated by my dad.
A job by the way that I'd be retired from years ago with a good pension.
I chose to go to the interview barefoot n defiant. ????

Instead I put those years in as a "Blacksmith" machinist/welder, 25 years.
No pension, no 401k, nothing.

My entire adult working life 1970-1995 was mostly economic lows within the US.
Only emphasizing the conditions that led to my willingness to do something crazy to achieve my dream.

In essence Pez Outlaw came out of the darkness.
My inability to conform in society, fed by crazy/isms. (OCD, Bipolar, Depression ect. tendencies on all)
Lower middle class childhood and the poor economic situation in the US, 1970-1995.
Both of these factors built the scenario where what I was about to do was something I was able and willing to do.

To summarize. My life experiences and mental outlook made something that seemed absurd to a normal person, appealing and doable.

That was the man and why he did what he did.
Now we get to the Creation of Pez Outlaw.

I created the character Pez Outlaw to put all of the baggage of over a decades labor and disappointment into so that I sj glew did not need or have to carry it around.
Pez Outlaw represents the opportunity lost of over 30 years of work.
Until I started writing Pez Outlaws story I had to carry around that loss every moment of every day.

Pez Outlaw was the light that showed me the way out of the darkness that followed my years with PEZ.

Because I was tired of doing things the hard way, I decided to trust Jeff Maysh and his people with my story.
Just once I decided to do things in the "normal" manner. An attempt to choose the obvious path.

To make the Pez Outlaw show better.
Like a Drive Time DJ I've got my cast of characters to elevate my show.
Zombies, Commie Pinko's, Baby Hitler, Seymour Butz, I P Freely and now a Crack Weasel.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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