Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Goals Within 1yr of Fame #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I have reasons for believing that certain things that are only maybe, will happen.
One of those reasons is in high visibility at the moment.
If you unpack this thing as evidence, you see a logical progression.

My Goals Within 1yr of Fame.

1. convince whoever publishes Jeff Maysh n my book Pez Outlaw that a really cool marketing idea would be to make a cleaned up paperback version of Pez Outlaw Diary a companion piece to the hardcover Book. Besides being a cool marketing ploy the publisher gets as a package deal, I think readers of the hardcover Pez Outlaw book would enjoy reading the raw source material that gave birth to the hardcover. It's sorta like liner notes on an lp/cd or the inside look footage that you get with DVD's.

2. With the help of the firm that represents me, My agents.
Find a publisher for the Cereal Box Price Guide.
I'd publish the cereal book as is but my preference is to bring in a coauthor D.G.
Get D.G. to take over further Editions of the Cereal Box Price Guide, updates n the addition of further content. With a 50/50 on 2nd 3rd etc editions.

3.With the help of the firm that represents me, My agents.
Find a children's book publisher for Puddy n The Golden Bowl.

4. On the low hanging fruit scale. With the help of the firm that represents me, My agents.
Get whatever deal is possible for The Barrel Book as a Horse Farm self help book.

5. Help Pez Corporation find a better ending for the Pez Outlaw story.

All of this would need to be accomplished in one year.
I really have no use for the fame/spotlight to come, but I will happily use it as a launch point for these 5 goals.

All must be completed within the first year.
I feel it's very important to know what you want before crazy-town comes.
Once what I've been warned about happens, I need to know why I'm here.
With the Pez Adventure I operated on instinct.
That worked fine until it did not.
This time I want to have a plan, goals.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary


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