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On Behalf of Ground Pounders #horse #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

I wanna say something stupid.
Did you you know that horse personalities are very different?

I'm a ground pounder, I do not ride horses.
I feed, water and deal with horse poop.
Currently that number of horses is 17.
Of that 17 only 6 are Kathy's, the rest just stay with us.
I treat all 17 like they are my baby's.
Who we are to each other has nothing to do with who there Mom is.

I don't know the first thing about riding a horse.
You lose me when you start putting gear on them so you can ride.
When I did ride, I rode bareback using a single lead rope attached to the halter.

Believe it or not I was a pretty good rider, but not remotely by any conventional standards.
I could wander around under my horse, do the running jump mount from behind, stand on my horse, jump ditches whatever.
Within my weird parameters I could train a horse pretty good, but I did not start understanding or talking to horses until I became a ground pounder.

I divide horse life into 2 categories and one can have nothing to do with the other.
Pasture life - how a horse behaves and interacts with other horses in the pasture.
A full n rich pasture life is essential to the well being of a horse mentally. 
Although attention must be paid to personalities that click best when forming each pastures community. We had to split up Bow n Honey, they had a toxic relationship for bow and to the rest of the Wild Bunch. Honey now lives with Busta. Busta is a surfer dude, she just can't rattle him. Basically he ignores her. Honey is not mean, she is though very strong willed.

Arena life - how a horse interacts with a human when it's time to work.
Peta - We humans bust ass caring for horses, so to expect that they work in exchange is not wrong, It's fare trade. Or in simpler terms, Shut your ignorant asses up. You really don't know shit from shinola.

Honey Bee. Honey is a real force of nature in pasture life. She can be a Bitch on Wheels. BUT, you put a halter on Honey n cross out of pasture life n she is the most dependable horse you will ever meet. The strength n confidence of her pasture life carries over into arena life but only in positive ways. Honey understands the difference and what her job is.

Cowboy/Smokey Boy, Johnny, Bow and this new guy Red are hoses with the most pure gentle souls you will ever meet. These horses are very rare.  I have 4 of them out of the 17 that currently reside here.

Some horses are Angry, some are scared, then some are confused.
All of these conditions come from humans who previously interacted with them.

My job as a ground pounder is to be that steady human in there life that talks to them, feeds them and becomes someone that they understand.

The horse I'm proudest of at the moment is Roz. Roz came here confused n scared. It has taken 3 years of steady Eddy to turn her around. Now Roz comes full tilt if I call her n she yells at me if I'm running late. Roz kinda has a lot to say nowadays. Roz went from scared n spooky to a chatter box, only took 3 years.

So far I've had 2 horses that were here for one reason or another ask me. Can I stay here, I don't want to leave. Johnny n Red. I can't say no when they ask.

It's like when I met Pinky n Billy Dog, both asked very clearly if they could put there previous life behind them and live here. My answer will always be yes, but you must do your job. The ones that pointedly ask Horse or Dog are more than happy to do there job.

Yes I talk to Animals, but that's only possible because I listen.
Dogs and Horses can learn to understand you, I'm just saying rarely do humans make an effort to understand them.
No trick, you just have to listen. 

The eyes and how they handle there head tell you a lot. Also micro expressions. 
You have to listen with your eyes as well as your ears.
A lot is instinct. You see it n you just know.

With Cowboy/Smokey Boy, Johnny, Bow, n the new guy Red, there eyes are rich dark pools of nothing but gentle love. All will place there muzzle in your hands with peace, no jerks or fear. Just trust. Very rare, you have to be a real idiot not to be able to work with that. 

You might not know which horses I'm talking about were you ever to come here, because I have my own names for over half the horse's.
examples; Paco, Boy, Big Guy, Dub, Johnny, Old Man, Roz, B, Wheezer.

Gotta go, time for steady Eddy to do his job. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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