Sunday, June 18, 2017

Asylum Crack Weasel #pezoutlaw #hollywood


I just finished writing a post so boring I didn't even want to read it, so I turned a Crack Weasel loose in my brain. The objective being to see what the little bastard turns up.
My brain being pictured here as a massive empty warehouse with one 60 watt bulb lighting the middle, one lone chair beneath it.
Into that I released the Crack Weasel.

Like a Drive Time DJ I've got my cast of characters to elevate my show.
Zombies, Commie Pinko's n Crack Weasel. 
All are an attempt to take my mind off that which I mustn't speak. 
Snakes On The Ceiling  was an attempt to shed some light.
51% Sane   was in some ways an apology.
Pez Outlaw Diary  is the angst n pain on full display.
BOOOOOM! My Head Just Exploded. was a high/low point.
If It Hadn't Been For  was a lone truth.

Other than that they have been distractions, amusement.   

Of all the words I've written. 
One of my favorite lines is.
Vanity got the only life preserver on that ship of fools.

Will there be a Pez Outlaw Book?
Will there be a Pez Outlaw Movie?
Neither is in my control. Which by the way is frustrating as hell.

I try to keep Pez Outlaw relevant by doing the things that brought the initial interest.
Notes From The Asylum is the PR arm for the Pez Outlaw project.
But truth is, I'm no longer in charge of the fate of Pez Outlaw.
The best I can hope to do is influence at the edges.
The whims of others control Pez Outlaws fate.

All that said I'm grateful.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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