Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Help!....... I've Fallen n I can't get up. #pezoutlaw #hollywood

NEW N IMPROVED. Step right up boys n girls, get your Crack Weasel Autograph.
Today and today only. It's a once in a lifetime offer. 
I'm not asking $29.95, no not even $9.95. 
Only $4.95 n this little beauty can be yours.
But wait, there's more. If you act now I'm gonna throw in absolutely free of charge..........
Side effects might include, drowsiness........ 

Sometimes we live life slowly like turning the pages in a book very carefully one by one. Generally though we live life like the wind quickly turns the pages of an open book.
I feel like an outsider in my life story while others very slowly control my fate. 
So I release the pages of my life to the winds of time.
I'm not in the least angry about this, to the contrary I am very pleased. 

It's like I told someone last night, It's your world now.
I no longer feel the need to convince or correct others to my thoughts.
My time has past, It's your world now, run it whatever way you like.

This seemed to bother the person I was talking to, yet all I wanted was to find the escape hatch from the conversation.
At every turn I found myself a brier patch, knowing that nothing I could ever say was going to make there life experiences match mine.
We each walk very unique paths in life which inform our way of thinking.
The thought of making you feel bad with something I might say is very uncomfortable to me.

That's the reason I prefer n try now to write in the abstract now.
My hope is that you can interpret my words to your views n experiences.
It's your world now, my time has past. 

I will admit something to you, behavior I've observed over the last few months has brought about this new perspective in my way of thinking.

I've noticed something though.
The more I try to avoid talking about what I think or believe about this n that, The more people try to lure me in.
Really Weird turn of events, I'm not taking the bait.
Pass the popcorn n enjoy the show.

Connect the imagery
She whispered "Kolinska"
Cab driver leads the way
Smokestacks tower over OZ

Just like ole Abbott n Costello
Next stop Hollywood
We'll find it after a while
Would my world change

My life is that of a low level worker
Like Eb from Green Acres
Pez Outlaw lived a decade worth viewing. 
I'm just a funny looking old man on a tractor.

Things can only affect you if you take them in.
I've seen folks get all wired tight
Start thinking that they are a deal
It does not end well.

Pez Outlaw is the repository
After 15 years I'm the caretaker
Pez Outlaw flew high
I have been humbled.

I can help
But I will never read it
I just can't look in Mirrors
I can't deal with the me you perceive.

I've learned how things must go
The road to who I am was difficult
I do not mess with that
Stay on the path  

If Hollywood says yes
I will not talk on a telephone
No meals, except what Kathy hands me
Handshaking, gloves would be nice

If Hollywood makes a Pez Outlaw Movie
It would be an honor
Would that make me Happy
I've been working almost 2 decades

Satisfaction, recognition, Validation
That's why I hope it happens 
A lifetime of work 
I believe I'd find closure.

A Pez Outlaw Book
A Pez Outlaw Movie
That's "everything you dreamed of"
I've never been vague about it

Fame was never the dream
I've known what my true goals are from the beginning
Raising awareness of the Pez Outlaw story
Enjoying, Notes From The Asylum.

Vindication in my belief that I could do it.
That when I was down to zero $$$$.
I realized that I still had my mind.
Vindication in myself and my belief in myself.

Somehow I don't doubt the outcome
The problem is the pain of the journey
I can almost feel the joy of release
Somethings up, I can smell it

The point being, Oh shit now I gotta find one. wwwhhheeeett, wwwhhheeeett. anybody got a point I can borrow.

This was a shameless attempt to boost ratings. 
Shark icon. 

Did you notice? I cut all the original content in favor of???????? 
Goes to show ya, sometime you don't know where you're goin til you get there.

It would appear there is a point to this post after all. Only had to circle around a bit to find it.
There are not enough people telling stories anymore. Let's see what we can do about that.
Tag, you're it.

Crazy is an abstract art form.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary


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