Friday, November 20, 2015

If Wishes Were Horses #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw p

Pie in the sky.
Livin on dreams n promises.
Bills to pay, empty days to fill.

Inadequacy, watching the pain.
Roles to play.
Wishing I could take the burden.

Tightly gripping the edge of the cliff.
Dreaming of sounder ground.
Redemption just out of reach.

Hold the dream close.
Belief is all you have.
Suppressing the Anger.

Mustn't speak what should not be spoken.

All the things I can and the things I'm forbidden to say.

I've been speaking in riddles for so long now that at times even I'm uncertain.

Pez Outlaw Diary 

Misdirection #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Is it that I'm rarely certain of exactly what I'm doing or why.
Or nothing is what it appears to be on the surface.

Are there agendas under the stated agenda.
When I'm talking to bob am I really talking to someone else I know is reading this.
In short, Am I the alligator?

Nothing I ever say is meant for just one ear or interpretation.
Let alone meant for only one outcome.

Only one thing is certain, and even that is not the stated subject.
The stated subject is simply the means to the true goal.
None of which are celebrity. 
Celebrity meaning the success of Pez Outlaw is just a means to an end.

The commonly held belief for the outcome of Pez Outlaw is a ruse.
That which others would roll like Preashus Pup over is not at all the goal.
To be honest the realistic win of that scenario does not cover the tab. 
For the goal/bill to be actually achieved takes a domino effect.

Pez Outlaw will go on to whatever future or mark he makes, but he n I will part ways once my true goals are achieved.

I've been speaking in riddles for so long now that at times even I'm uncertain.
Clarity seems to be a rare commodity in a world that demands it.

Some things in my personal life have clarity.
That would be the farm and what is expected of me by my employers, the horses n dogs.

Other things like Pez Outlaw not so much.
I have no idea what's going on at the moment with Pez Outlaw, I'm definitely not in the loop.
Truth be told I know less every day.

My dream is to just walk away?
Clear the racks, load the bin.
And never look back. 

Operating on autopilot.
Endless stream of Zero's.
No emotion, no investment.

Crazy isn't all it's cracked up to be.

For the record. Have you ever tried to argue with a computer.
The most ridiculous things are required just because the algorithm says so. 
Stupidity is irrelevant. You just comply n swallow the absurdity. 
You can not win an argument with a computer, they are cold and unfeeling.
Like a good little drone you answer stupid til the computer says you can go. 
Roughly 100 times today. 

Pez Outlaw Diary 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Relentless n Shameless #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I am never offended when someone unfriends me because they just can't take it anymore.

Every time somebody I know asks to be friended on facebook.
I ask them or at least think, 
Are you sure you really want this?

I often think of my methods as Brute Force.
In the vane of the old Soviet Method of re-engineering technology.
Give me something stupid, I use it.
Lack of understanding how to use something, no problem.
Just plow forward.

No fear of being trashed by someone who might take exception To Pez Outlaw Diary or a post on Notes From The Asylum.
There anger would just be free publicity.

On twitter alone I've got over 56,600 posts.
My facebook friends definitely grow weary of being the conduit to my imaginary perception of the Internet as an entity.

Anyway I'm sorry to my friends on facebook.
I'm not going to stop, but I am sorry. 

This post is a prime example.
There was a point to the Torture of today's posts on google+, facebook and twitter.

I know that I can get over 1,000 views of Notes Fron The Asylum in less than 4 hrs if I'm willing to put the work in. Today once again I proved the point. 1,100 views.

It's not about being right. Proving a point or using you.  

To the contrary I really appreciate you and the dependable interest level in Notes From The Asylum.

Notes From The Asylum has 254 individual blog posts and that is after deleting well over 100 that were very weak. Example, just replaced the show your butt girls post with this one. 

Anyway days like today are to show myself the strength of Notes From The Asylum, but only if I'm willing to personally put the work in.

Please allow me one more little brag.
Secrets #pezoutlaw #hollywood #92Crazy #timetravel...
Is on track to be the Best post that I've ever written.

Pez Outlaw Diary 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

n The Horse You Rode In On.. #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Shock value over, I cleaned it up. My apologies to facebook friends.
Pez Outlaw Diary is written by a proud member of the writing world substrata.

We write because we can not help but write.
We receive no money for our labors.
I say we are writers because we write.

Our work is not considered up to the professional standards of paid writers.
Yet we are who professional writers and movie producers turn to for original thought n ideas.
Our work is from our hearts, raw in it's originality.
I was told true to my perspective, indicating I suppose raw.

OK, all well n good.
I feel that we who write for no pay are mistreated by the predatory element of the aspiring writer world.
I do not fear for myself, I know who I am. My writing is for myself, as yours should be. 
You don't like it or take exception to my work. Well you know, who needs ya.
That's me though. I have to think those who scheme for a profit would not continue if win loss was not in there benefit.

To my brothers n sisters in the world of writing who do not get paid for your work.
Write because for you there is no alternative.
Write because you must get your thoughts down.
Do not seek approval, stay true to your work.
Commercial writing is full of compromise.
Demographics, focus groups or movie potential.

Our work is the source, the fountain that professional writers n movie producers drink from.

To the point.
If someone wants money from you for any purpose concerning your work.
NO, is the only correct answer.

Pez Outlaw Diary 

Pez Outlaw Manifesto #pezoutlaw #pez #hollywood

#whoispezoutlaw that's really the important part #pez #pezoutlaw

Every Self Respecting Crazy Needs A Manifesto! 
Though I do suggest you skip the cabin in the woods. 

I would do business with shady folks over corporate types any day of the week.
In my experience shady folk can be trusted way more than corporate types.

When I was a Pez smuggler I earned 4.5 million dollars dealing with shady types.
I did one deal with Pez Corporation n lost 1/2 million dollars and 20 years of work.

If I had a Do Over. I never would have tried to go legit. It was more fun and way more profitable being a Pez Outlaw.

You can buy the loyalty of shady folks. Corporate types can not be trusted, they will double cross you in a second.

I'll walk on the shady side of the street from here.

I believe what I see, the rest is just noise.

Today is kinda an odd day for me. I find myself missing the game.

Would I do it again now. Yah, I guess I would but here's the thing. Back then It was money that did the trick. 

Today I'd do it different. Pez Outlaw is my currency, only he can or could make the things happen that folks wanted money for before.

The name Pez Outlaw is a brand now which changes things. If you want to be associated with the Pez Outlaw brand, my rules.

Yes of course you'd get your money, but not up front anymore. When n if you deliver n it sold well, then you get paid.

The hobby n Pez Corporation have been living off what I built and my ideas for a decade n a half.

The Pez world I built n it's success has been squandered. God bless it took 15 years to slowly lose everything I built. Only Pez Outlaw could rebuild it.

In today's world nuance is lost as mediocrity, BOLD takes the day.

The 24 hr rule is in effect. Not a reader of the Asylum? Then you won't know what that means.

Pez Outlaw Diary