Monday, October 12, 2015

Incommunicado & NFTA Reduction #pezoutlaw

I do not have a cell phone.
I had a  cell phone but Kathy canceled it because I never turned it on. 

With the recent activity on Pez Outlaw Diary, there are people out west that wish this was not the case. 
I do not talk on telephones. I dislike them with a passion. 
This is a rule I do not break except for Kathy. 
You want to talk to me, facebook is the only way & even there I'm very selective.
When certain things begin, this will also act as a filter against unwanted attention or interest.

In The Sockology of Cell Phones, Mirrors n Technology... I go into my dislike of cell phones n technology in general. 

A few years ago Kathy used to pay my grandson to fill the water tanks, she wanted to give him some money, I do it now.
My grandson had his head down looking at n typing into his cell phone the whole time.

People in general nowadays are tethered to n at the beck n call of there cell phones. 
Everywhere you look people are hunched over fooling around with there phones.
If you are having an actual face to face with someone, there phone wrings or texts them, there no longer there.

I've always had a disdain for the idea of telephones.
Someone out there decides it's convenient for them to reach out with a phone, the act has no consideration for if you even want to talk to them or anyone at that moment.
The act assumes & decides that what you are doing is secondary to the whim of the call n it's timing.

The second part is this.
The preoccupation of the young n some old with cell phone, always hunched over looking at them.
This activity does not respect a good work ethic.
You do your work, then you play or relax.
Current habits with phones mix the two, showing disrespect to the people around you & the work you are supposed to be doing.

That's why I only communicate on facebook. 
I only talk or respond when I like.
You only pay attention to what you want to. 

NFTA Reduction

NFTA = Notes From The Asylum
I just cut approximately 1/2 the posts on Notes From The Asylum.
You could say I did some editing with a meat cleaver not a scalpel.

Reason, They sucked.

OK there was more to it than that.
With Notes From The Asylum I want to put my best foot forward.
If someone happens on Notes From The Asylum I want hem to be interested.
Say the post they happen on isn't very good, well you know. Bye, Bye.

There is a grading system for posts on Notes From The Asylum.
That grading system is defined by the number of views each post gets.

BOOOOOM! My Head Just Exploded. #pezoutlaw is currently at just under 1,500 views.
It's the #1 post on Notes From The Asylum.
All the deleted posts were at less than 125 views
Over 100 posts were deleted.   

I need new viewers of  Notes From The Asylum  to only see the best posts. 
This cut was at 125 n less views.
The next cut I'm considering is at less than 150ish views, but that's a bit down the road.

Pez Outlaw Diary

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