Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Living With n Doin Without #pezoutlaw

I try very hard to keep my needs n wants small.
Kathy has worked very hard to pull us out of the hole that was created by the Pez Years.
see Pez Outlaw Diary

I live as modestly as I can. I do not go anywhere.
I create from free for my amusement.
I find joy in creating from scrap n waste.
It's a new dimension for me. google EW-ME

You don't look at or think about things you can't do anything about.
You push past these things to the things you can do something about.

Between you n me.
It's a secret so don't tell anybody.
I kinda feel like a lazy bum next to how hard kathy works.
The woman is a force of nature.

When I started this I wanted to talk abstractly about a lot of things.
But I can't, not allowed.
Suffice it to say, those of us living closer to the ground live with n do without a lot.
So back to the Billionaire thing. NO, they are flat out Aliens. They are not by any stretch like you n me.
Yes, Billionaire's annoy the shit out of me. It's kinda obscene when you really think about it.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Yet I keep hearing about people with a Billion Dollars or 10 billion plus.
These people are like entities from another planet to me.

Bill Gates has talked Warren Buffet into giving his money to some charity he n his wife run.
Like you can buy your way into heaven.

I've always thought that the idea of rich folk giving all there money away was absolutely ignorant.

Let's play Billionaire for a minute, just for fun.
If I had 10 or 20 Billion Dollars, What do I think I'd do.
To me that kind of money carries big responsibility to your fellow man.
You do not just give it away like a do gooder.
You build things with it, providing jobs for other people.

A favorite fantasy of mine would be to buy a car company or start one.
The first product I'd make is a 1950s era pickup truck.
Bottom up as close as law would allow to the originals.
Personally I think there'd be a good market for that era of a retro pickup.

Anyway, you do not give money away, you put it to work so regular folk can earn.

Can Poetry can change your life?

Is it to snarky to say you should ask a person living in there car, because they've lost there home.

I see these popup ads next to my facebook page.
One line will grab my brain.
Never I'm sure the way the advert intended.

I sometimes wonder if there heads are so far up that they are stuck.
Real people don't think like this.
Real people are seriously puzzle by there pondering's.

I won't yank up any old saws n repeat them.
There just seems to be two ways of thinking in this country.
Those that have n those that have not.

The haves are very busy trying to show the have nots how deeply they care about everything.
The have nots are just trying to make it each day, kinda keeps them to busy to ponder on foolish.

Focus groups are not going to enlighten you on the real thinking of the have nots.
You're gonna have to get out there n live it a bit to get it.
I think that's why politicians and the media are always playing catch up n missing it.

Popup guys, I'm not going to vote in your click here adverts.
I don't n never would even hook a phone line to my DISH TV receiver.
I don't want to be diced, sliced n dissected for info by anybody.

  Pez Outlaw Diary

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