Monday, January 2, 2017

3 year of fame, tops. #pezoutlaw #pez #hollywood

1st rule of Fame, share it.
If it happens, I will invite my friend Mike Mitros to use all my platforms (facebook etc) to sell anything his heart desires.
Real Friends should be able to share in the opportunity brief high visibility offers.
The reason for this statement is, Josh n I share this thing of playing scenarios out to the nth degree.

Last night I got to talking with 2 of the ladies that come to the Horse farm. Friends.

We got on the subject when I was describing the circle drive I was thinking about, because that one thing is part of a much bigger conversation.

It all comes down to if the first Domino falls. Meaning if the big thing happens.
The big thing has started, it is actually under way but there is a process that can lead to reality or maybe not.

Anyway the conversation was about if such n such happens. I explained that such n such only pays about 1/2 of my debt still on the books from PEZ.

That if such n such came to reality you can not get all puffed up like you are a big deal, cause you are not. Such n such would only last or have impact for about 3 years, meaning it's a small window of opportunity. During that small window of heightened awareness about you, you have the briefest opportunity to get other ideas n projects off the ground.

To me it's a lot like the moment when I realized the opportunity offered by the old stock I found in the European warehouses. I had to move as fast as I could to scoop up all of that Pez that I could. Over 70 trips to Europe in 10 years.

That time n my position in it also opened up other opportunities that I also exploited. In the end that opportunity also became a story, The Pez Outlaw story. Which is now leading to the next possible.
If this thing I'm referring to as such n such happens, I think that there is another Book/story in that.

Pez Outlaw Diary n the possible such n such is one story and book.
Then there is the effect that such n such had on my life, that's another story and book.

I was told at one point not many people can say ................. that led to such n such.
Well that one in a million thing happening and all it's effects is a good story that could also be told.
Meaning Sequel.
What did this guy do when what he worked 15 years to achieve actually happened?
Did he piss it away?
Did he keep his head on right?
Most important, Did he learn from the first time n apply what he learned to get it right this time?
Or, is he just an idiot?

It's like the people who win the Lotto then end up broke. Lost there minds, didn't know how to handle it n lost everything.
Been there, Done that. OK can you do better this time?

People want a happy ending, someone who fails then through perseverance alone fights there way back n finally gets it right.

Here's the part that will surprise you.
If everything goes as planned, I fully intend to spend every penny very rapidly.
I like being poor. I just want to be poor with better tools.
I plan to pay my debts, pay the taxes, then upgrade as many things as I can.
I owe Kathy a new truck, car n horse trailer. When we went broke she had to sell them to keep us going.
I want to rebuild as many things as I can so our place is as ready as it can be for our retirement years.
If I remove as much debt n repair all i can for our future, we really don't need a lot of money to live on.

Then we can go back to living a very simple n quiet life.

I will do whatever it takes to get us there.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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