Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Talking to Animals #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

There is a horse on the farm that was scared of me/men when she came here.
It's taken 3 years but the other day when she saw me she came running full speed to me. 
All I did was give her room, respect her space n provide a steady reliable routine.

With horses and dogs I've had to undo a lot of damage by ignorant previous "owners".
It can take years to undo. Sometimes all you can do is lessen the damage.

One of the ways I do this is by talking to the animals.
A lady was working with Johnny Cash (horse) I asked her how it went.
They were having issues.
This happens over n over with lots of horses.
It sounds simplistic but I always ask, are you talking to him.
I feel it's important to have a relationship with a horse before you ever try to ride it.
If a horse likes or loves you, they will give you the benefit of the doubt.
No relationship, they'd just as soon put you on the ground.

That's not to say that a group of horses can't be trained n made to understand that there job is to give strangers rides. But then again they are doing that out of respect for there trainer "Kathy" that has asked them to do that. In that case they are doing it because of the relationship that they have with her not the rider.
Another way I communicate with animals is by example. 
I present as calm n strong a presence as I can.
It does not hurt that I also feed them.
To the horses I'm steady Eddy.
Every day roughly same times, I'm there with food.
I ask nothing, I just feed them. Trust me they notice.

With my dogs.
I eat, then they always get a good portion of whatever or whenever I eat.
Exactly the same way it would be in there world in the wild.
Dogs understand this, the leader of the pack always eats first, then he shares.

One quick note on rescue dogs.
I have one trick I use from day one.
I rename the dog the day it arrives.
New name for a new life.
You might be surprised to learn Billy Dogs original name was Lilly.
Lilly was the dog tied with a rope to a tree in zero degree temps.
When Billy arrived she asked me if she could have a better life, I told her she was home now.
Billy Dog is my Knuckle Head buddy. 
Billy is the unstoppable dog, optimistic beyond reason. 
Billy helped me get over the loss of Rudy.

I don't know what Pinkies name was.
Found him in the corner of a pasture at a young age freezing n burns all over his back.
Pinky asked me to please take him in, I told him all that was over, he was home now.
Being an Albino Doberman I gave him as playful a name as I could think of.
His trauma was very deep, years n years of talking to help him find a place he can live with in his mind.

Once a dog picks me I have no choice, I must agree to give them all I can.
I give them my strength to lean on n they give me there's.

I love Dogs n Horses, they are my friends.
In most cases I like Dogs more than I like humans.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Never, "Mind" #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Do we hold on to tight to our dreams sometimes?
Believe it or not this is not about Pez Outlaw.
It's about something I've been watching now for over 30 years.

I don't want to be specific because that might be unkind.
Here's what it boils down to.

People sometimes find meaning in things that are not there own.
Even though it's not there's they treat it at time like it is there's.
I also keep seeing the desperate struggle that goes on to keep the dream alive.
Floundering yet unwilling to accept reality.

It's not important, I just keep watching it repeat over n over.
Make's me wonder, is this just a symptom of a bigger thing.

We've all been beat down for so long, are we all within our spheres rebelling.

We may know it's futile but just can't bare the thought of losing again.

Like I said, it's not important.
These dramas need to play out.

I'm not putting a lot of money on my brain today.
It's not a dependable unit at the moment. 
Nobody has escaped that I know of, but my mind does feel a bit understaffed. 

Hey does anybody know?
Is Hollywood back from the Holiday break yet?
I could use some good news. #pezoutlaw #hollywood 
I followed 5 days of the flu with a kidney stone. so yeah some good news would be welcome.

Pez Outlaw Diary 


Monday, October 12, 2015

Incommunicado & NFTA Reduction #pezoutlaw

I do not have a cell phone.
I had a  cell phone but Kathy canceled it because I never turned it on. 

With the recent activity on Pez Outlaw Diary, there are people out west that wish this was not the case. 
I do not talk on telephones. I dislike them with a passion. 
This is a rule I do not break except for Kathy. 
You want to talk to me, facebook is the only way & even there I'm very selective.
When certain things begin, this will also act as a filter against unwanted attention or interest.

In The Sockology of Cell Phones, Mirrors n Technology... I go into my dislike of cell phones n technology in general. 

A few years ago Kathy used to pay my grandson to fill the water tanks, she wanted to give him some money, I do it now.
My grandson had his head down looking at n typing into his cell phone the whole time.

People in general nowadays are tethered to n at the beck n call of there cell phones. 
Everywhere you look people are hunched over fooling around with there phones.
If you are having an actual face to face with someone, there phone wrings or texts them, there no longer there.

I've always had a disdain for the idea of telephones.
Someone out there decides it's convenient for them to reach out with a phone, the act has no consideration for if you even want to talk to them or anyone at that moment.
The act assumes & decides that what you are doing is secondary to the whim of the call n it's timing.

The second part is this.
The preoccupation of the young n some old with cell phone, always hunched over looking at them.
This activity does not respect a good work ethic.
You do your work, then you play or relax.
Current habits with phones mix the two, showing disrespect to the people around you & the work you are supposed to be doing.

That's why I only communicate on facebook. 
I only talk or respond when I like.
You only pay attention to what you want to. 

NFTA Reduction

NFTA = Notes From The Asylum
I just cut approximately 1/2 the posts on Notes From The Asylum.
You could say I did some editing with a meat cleaver not a scalpel.

Reason, They sucked.

OK there was more to it than that.
With Notes From The Asylum I want to put my best foot forward.
If someone happens on Notes From The Asylum I want hem to be interested.
Say the post they happen on isn't very good, well you know. Bye, Bye.

There is a grading system for posts on Notes From The Asylum.
That grading system is defined by the number of views each post gets.

BOOOOOM! My Head Just Exploded. #pezoutlaw is currently at just under 1,500 views.
It's the #1 post on Notes From The Asylum.
All the deleted posts were at less than 125 views
Over 100 posts were deleted.   

I need new viewers of  Notes From The Asylum  to only see the best posts. 
This cut was at 125 n less views.
The next cut I'm considering is at less than 150ish views, but that's a bit down the road.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Let Her Rip. #pezoutlaw #hollywood

This is the Asylum so I'm gonna let her rip.

With my writing no one piece is at all what it's about.
My intent is the creation of an overall abstract impact on an entity I do not understand.
That entity is the Internet.

Sistine Chapel or common inner city tagger.
Each day I get out my brushes n try to create a stroke of paint on the canvas of the Internet.
Unlike most who write on twitter, facebook or blog, I'm not writing for or to people who might want or do read it.
My work is for an overall impact on that entity "the Internet".
No one piece is going to own its moment.

I've told you that the Universe speaks to me.
Horses, Dogs, garden tractors etc.
That I will lay under a tractor for 45 minutes feeling around n observing until I see the problem n it tells me how to fix it.

I feel the Internet is the same thing.
Each post is me feeling around n listening once I post it.
The Internet hasn't spoken to me yet, but I'm patient.

When the Internet speaks it will speak in the form of a million views.
That dear reader is when n where you come in.
Until then my job is to be prolific.

You wanna hear one thing that's kinda funny.
The Internet does not like it when you refer to it as the internet.
It prefers the capital I in Internet, not small i.
On that point it has spoken to me.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We're different now. #pezoutlaw

I liked this. didn't know any other way to share it.
Where I got it from.
Basically somebody said that nothings different, we're just more aware now.
Which is just modern for I'm OK, you're OK.

To me, no.
We were different back then.
In the 1950s n earl 1960s we viewed the world, our neighborhoods n our neighbors different than today.
As a child, I was different from most children today.
Grab at me or cross me n we were gonna fight.
Don't care who you were or how big you were, we were gonna fight.
Touch my brothers, we were gonna fight.
Hurt a girl, we were gonna fight. Broke my collar bone on that one.
Talk wrong about my Mom, we were definitely gonna fight. 

Let's face it, I made a pretty insincere Flower Child.
I kinda fought a lot especially in grade-school.
Nowadays somebody acts wrong. You smack them up side the head n you're in trouble.
Things have just went backwards. 
Society no longer allows adjustments for bad behavior, so it just continues.

My grandsons are being raised that way n I put wrenches in my granddaughters hands as often as I can.

The Difference.
A little girl from California was here when we did Hay.
A board was missing on the wagon.
California said we should put a caution sign around it.
I guarantee you my granddaughters were thinking,
Grandpa, you need to fix that.
One granddaughter in particular if she thought I'd let her would have been grabbing a board nails n a hammer. If she'd been given even a nod. 

No, OH BUDDY YOU BETCHA Things are different now for sure.

To me it's how we look at it.
Like the new thing, Free range parenting.
When I was young that was called parenting period.

I think that's why I kept going back to Hungary in the 1990s.
Beyond the obvious reason "PEZ".
Hungary in the 1990s reminded me of my childhood in the late 1950s n early 1960s.

We live in a society where if someone behaves in a proper fashion, people call them a hero instead of a good neighbor. 

A postscript after Paris.
Not a criticism just not How I'd look at it.
A terrorist says on your knees.
To late dude I'm already coming.
I like my odds against a terrorist better if I go at him than on my knees.
I know a lot of other Americans that would agree with me. 
Don't think about it, just go.
It's not a choice, it's about survival.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Listen Up, Tater Head! #pezoutlaw

 One of the personalities in my head is called Tater Head. 
 Conversation go like this.

The world does not revolve around you.
Yes it does.
Our individual perception of the world around us is our reality.
Our reality ends when that light goes out.

Your reality may continue but mine ends when I end.
What in the hell am I supposed to do with that?
Find peace of mind within that truth, Tater Head.

That does not mean, do as you please because only you matter.
I assume you have a conscience.
You have got a conscience, right Tater Head.

Well that means you need to maintain the best balance possibly while your steam of conscience exist.
Otherwise you live in torment of your choices.
Not a good beginning for the possible future.

Ok, so for now What?
For me it's writing my own story.
For all of us I think this is true, In my case literally in yours maybe figuratively.
If we don't write our own story, others will definitely write it for us.

Work in progress.
I got part of it, the rest?

Pez Outlaw Diary

Buck Up Buttercup #pezoutlaw

Just went n picked up the last 135 bales of hay for the year.

That brings us to the approx 2,500 I wanted for the year.

Came up with a bum shoulder at the beginning of hay this year.

Does not change a thing, still gotta put the hay in.

Don't get a sick day or Disability time off on a farm.

You just buck up Buttercup n get her done.

Thank God for all the family n friends who helped with hay this year.

All that other stuff I write about n writing in general is my hobby.

My life as Eb (Green Acres) is my real job.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Derriere - that's French #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Anybody that's known me for more than 3 minutes knows I can come up with an opinion on anything.

Put On Your Big Girl Panties Seriously wasn't there a middle ground somewhere?
Cub Cadet Review.

The list does go on.

My  point with this entry is, for purposes of Notes From The Asylum, opinions are fun but in real life maybe not as much.

I've recently entered into business with folks. This relationship has caused me to not be as flamboyant with some opinions.
I will as much as I can for the next couple years avoid my usual political rants about this n that.
One, what actual good has it done me or any of us for that matter.
Two, why upset people you want to do business with over things that you really can't control anyway.

You don't Poo where you eat.

This is you toned down? Actually yes, about 50%.

Plus there are tons of things I can have opinions about that nobody else cares about.
It's either rice or it's noodles, not both. good example.
The noodle/rice post is one of my personal favorites.
I think it gets right to the core of what's currently wrong with this country?

Believe it or not I get as wound up about Fake Rice as I can about politics.

God Bless

Pez Outlaw Diary

OOOH! Shiny Object #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

You may not know this, but Pez Corporation used to have a rule about Licenses.
No Real People or celebrities, only Cartoon n fictitious characters.
Reason being that celebrities n real people can blow up in your face with revelations of past or future behavior.
Cartoon characters, stick to the script.
What does it say when your reality is part cartoon, like Roger Rabbit.
I'm sure I'm not alone in that a lot of the things that go through my head are done in cartoons.
My characters though do not stay on script.

I gotta tell you something though. I believe I did see Donald Duck cursing once on a blooper reel. The Duck was having a bad day on set.

91 views from Slovakia today alone for Asylum.

OOOOH! Gotta Go, I see something shiny over there.

Swear to God, sometime I think my real name is Ricochet Rabbit.

Pez Outlaw Diary