Sunday, January 1, 2017

Zombie's Need Killen! #zombie #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

I was informed yesterday that Kathy is leaving again Wednesday for 5 nights.

This means that I can expect Nightly Fire-drills n Alarms due to imminent Zombie invasion.

Puddy Tiny Dachshund is positive that Zombie's lurk at the edge of the yard just waiting for there moment to attack.
Inside (Kathy) joke, Puddy swears one has a white stripe under his nose.

When Kathy is gone Puddy is on a hair trigger about Zombie invasion n of course her big sis Billy Dog is ready to get right on board with every sighting.

To hear Puddy n Billy tell it we barely escaped with our lives last Zombie invasion.
They dragged me to the kitchen at 6am to see there Zombie Kill.
Had to laugh at there naivety about Zombies.
Everybody except Puddy n Billy knows Zombies just get back up n walk off.
Only to lurk at the edge of the yard each night waiting. 

To Puddy, Zombie's need Killen. 

Zombie Rabbit Plague #zombie

OK the inside Joke.

Yes of course any unusual noise is A Zombie for sure to Puddy, tiny black Dachshund.

Though her true nemesis n in her mind the only true Zombies are actually rabbits.

Zombie's/rabbits get right up Puddy's nose. The linger in the yard just staring or at the edge of the yard just staring at her.

Puddy stands on the kitchen table just shrieking at there menacing gaze. 

You might not believe it but tiny Dachshunds are hunters n diggers. Our problem is that Puddy killed two Zombies when she was a pup, so really that's all she thinks about. Killing Zombie's.

That n Pinky, another Zombie killer, is why I built the dog pen.
Probably some foolish county ordinance against killing Zombie's.
So better safe than sorry.

One of Puddy's Zombie's has a white stripe under his nose.
Man that guy upsets her.

Sorry folks but Puddy has a passionate hatred of Zombie's. 

Zombie Fortress 

Last night Puddy raise the Alarm.
That devious white stripe Zombie Rabbit was stirring things up again.
I tried to calm her but she was running around gathering up all her Zombie Killin gear.

Puddy just kept repeating, I hate Zombies.

Every since Puddy n Pinky have been penned up the Zombie Rabbit population has reached epidemic proportions.

Stripe n his buds get real close to the fence n just taunt Puddy.
One even slipped into her Pen, Puddy went nuts, howling n carrying on.

I swear to God if those Zombie Rabbits keep taunting her, I'm gonna let Puddy slip her leash n do a little Zombie Hunting.

Puddy is really, really fast.

A little Zombie mayhem.

Puddy on Zombie Watch.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

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