Monday, June 8, 2015

twitter Spank n twitter.con $5.00 interview #pezoutlaw #hollywood

As you are no doubt aware, I like to promote the things I write.
How's that for stating the obvious.

Every so often twitter spanks me by saying, you already posted that.

OOOPPS. better say it different.

I have no idea if what I do has realistic benefit to the Pez Outlaw cause, but the numbers say it does.

So occasionally I get spanked by twitter.

If you on facebook think I post a lot here. Oh my you should see twitter. You may not believe it but I try to spare my friends on facebook 75 to 80% of what I post by going direct to twitter.

google+ on the other hand gets everything. No mercy.

twitter con. it's like Comic Con but without the costumes.

I love how people with followers in the Ks on twitter give you a follow figuring you will give them a thank you follow.

Then they drop you like a pet rock.

Just happened n I watched it play out.

Message of a follow. I follow back, it's protocol.
10 minute later all reference of the message are gone.

feel like Charlie Brown n the football gag.

I think I'm being tested on 2 fronts.

One is something that maybe should have happened by now. I think it's a stress test to make sure I will continue to behave myself. The longer it takes, the more determined I am to Be good.

The other is The trend of up to 1000 views per day of the Asylum etc.
I'm not sure what to make of it. The Asylum was supposed to just be the repository for daily thoughts that have no business in Pez Outlaw Diary, but it's success has been kinda awesome.
So I'm not sure what to make of it.
Truth is the only thing I can do is allow Notes From The Asylum to reveal itself.
The Asylum over time will show where it's going.

twitter Folks, I Have Zero Money.

twitter is an amazing medium, but there are things that annoy me.

Recently I've been getting a lot of I thought interest in Pez Outlaw Diary.

Little further digging on one said $8.95 for them to promote Pez Outlaw Diary.

On another the fill out info to join just made me go, no thanks.

So I answered the inquiry from them with. Just post whatever excerpts from the book that you want.
Stupid me, I thought that they were actually interested. There response was, That's not how it works.
I assume by that that they like the other inquiries wanted $8.95 or something.

twitter Book promotion websites.
I have ZERO money.
I will pay nothing to promote Pez Outlaw Diary.
So save you strength not happening.

I will not pay you to increase the number of "people" who follow me on twitter.
I will not pay you to help coach, promote, faux publish or whatever.
I will pay nothing to anybody for anything online...

When Pez Outlaw Diary gets published, you pay me.
When Pez Outlaw Diary is promoted, you pay me.

You want even 1 thin dime, click I'm gone.
I get paid Moe-Rons not you, period.

twitter folks, I've worked 15 years on this, now I get paid.
You can shove your money grubbing schemes up your.... 

$5.00 interview

Hi pezoutlaw, Would you like to receive a written interview about you?

For a moment I felt wanted.
Then I saw the $5.00 fee.

as politely as I can.
What kind of Moe-Ron do you take me for.
Why in God's name would anyone pay somebody even $5.00 to interview them?

That **** will happen soon enough.
I sure as **** don't need to pay good money for it.

Though, I work with what God gives me.
Waste not, want not.

Maybe we could crowd fund for my fake interview.

Sarcasm, Sheldon.

If everybody donated a penny..... 
Stop it, you're just being mean now. 

OK, I'm done now. Won't mention it again. 

Pez Outlaw Diary 

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