Monday, January 2, 2017

Bang Bang #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

I'm not real comfortable with the Big Bang Theory. The actual theory, I love the show.

It just feels like the loafs of bread n fish story from the Bible. One tiny thing became massive amounts of matter. Feels more like a fable than science.

Yes I know I'm ignorant, it's not the first time. My imagination just locks up at the idea of tiny become massive, that is as long as space itself is not a nutrient n the tiny beginning was a seed that grew. OK that I could grasp.

My own theory is that Black-holes eat up solar systems n spit them into other Universes. Also that somewhere in our Universe matter is being poured in from another Universe.

It's like a room full of Fish tanks. Each fish tank represents a Universe. The difference is the pumps (black holes), Each pump is sucking water from another tank for it's tank n it in turn is having its water sucked out to the next.

Making me a Static Universe guy with one provision. Static Universes feeding each other matter.
Not Static as in the Universe we inhabit is moving/expanding.
The motion is from the matter entering our Universe.

String theory n multiple universes.

I'm probably going to say all this wrong so I'm asking that you go more with the gist of it not whether I got the sciency stuff right.

Boil it down, String theory n multiple universes.
The thought that possibly every possible scenario there is has been or is played out in one or another parallel universe.

The other night I got dragged around by a horse for about 15 minutes because of 50 mile n hour winds.
Ri came down to check on me.
Told her that the horse took everything I had but luckily the horse did not give me everything it had.
You know thumbs up, I didn't have a heart attack.

Here's where normal n I separate.

Told Ri or maybe I did actually die in that previous universe n this is me in the next Universe playing out the scenario that I lived.
Sometimes I wonder if each of us does not die many times in other universes but continue on in the next.
That everybody lives a long life in one universe or another and our consciousness just transfers at each moment when we die in the previous.

You Know, that or I'm a veg n this is all just a creation of my mind. 
The most common dream I have is an inability to reach something or somewhere. 
Which is my answer to if this is just a fabrication of my own mind, Why don't I give myself everything I want n happiness?

God it's boring today.
The enemy is at the gates.

My head hurts.

Sorry about gettin all sciency on ya.

We're Gonna Map The G-Gnome next.
The yard decorations, not the sciency thing.

Ya think this one is??????
Wait till I do or tell The Bang Bang Theory.
I'm holding it back for a while. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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