Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pez Outlaw, Anarchist

After this mornings rant about Climate change you might think Pez Outlaw is a foaming at the mouth Conservative.

I've wondered often if I'm a Libertarian.

I got to tell you though, the little voice in my head was labeling me an Anarchist.

I hate authority, anyone trying to control me in any way, I rail against it.

I hate conventional thought.

I question everything.

If you tell me I have to do something, my instinct is to say screw you even if it would be good for me.

I do not read directions or refer to manuals.

I believe that the Universe will speak to me not man.

Take a good look at Pez Outlaw Diary. Were these the actions of a Conservative or an Anarchist.
My act of rebellion by writing Pez Outlaw Diary and fighting for 15 years rather than submission to Pez Corporations actions against me. Were these the actions of a Conservative or an Anarchist.

I've always just called it crazy but maybe Anarchist would sound cooler.
You know how people nowadays speak in admiration of a fellow they say thinks outside the box.
Cool as far as it goes, but what if you think outside the box because you are not capable of thinking inside the box?

Pez Outlaw Diary

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