Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cage Match - Chaplin vs Stooges #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I've always felt that when Pez Outlaw walks off into the sunset, it will be under one of these Alien Umbrellas.
Homage to Chaplin's Little Tramp. For me there are a lot of similarities between Chaplin's Little Tramp n Pez Outlaw. Both stuck there fingers in the eyes of authority. Both are charming yet wicked. Both have very big hearts.

I just realized that it's been approx 100yrs since the heyday of Charlie Chaplin.
I believe he arrived on the scene in 1915.
By 1917ish he was setting up his own studio.
Unlike the 3 Stooges, Chaplin was able to get creative control of his film because he realized how successful his work was.
It wasn't until the advent of TV that the 3 stooges realized how popular they actually were.

There are people who would excoriate me for daring to even mention the 3 Stooges in the same sentence as Charlie Chaplin. So.
Yes Chaplin was the most recognizable face on the planet by 1920 n that lasted up through the 1950s.
BUT, the 3 Stooges started in about 1933 n theaters would only take some Columbia pictures if they got new 3 stooges shorts also.
Further, 3 Stooges shorts went into TV syndication in 1955ish n have never left.
So you tell me which had the bigger impact?

I've seen the entirety of Chaplin n the 3 Stooges work.
My personal favorite is the 3 Stooges, hands down.
I get the subtlety of Chaplin but like W.C. Fields said a glorified Ballet Dancer.
Chaplin may have figured out the value of his work n gained control over it but he also destroyed it in a sense by refusing to change in 1929 when talkies took over.

The Stooges on the other hand were blue collar actors turning out a continuous good product.
Did you know that when there studio finished a big budget picture before they broke down the set that they'd rush the Stooges onto it n shoot a short.
Also on a personal level Charlie Chaplin was a mess, Moe Howard on the other hand always had in mind what was good for his brothers n his working family.
Moe looked out for the best interests of a lot of people n even took care of a few till there death.
So yeah, the stooges.

For the record I do not look any of this shit up, I prefer to work from my memory of things.

I started selling things on ebay on Nov 1, 2001.
Of all the things I've ever sold on ebay this Alien umbrella is my favorite n that includes Pez.
I've had these Alien umbrellas pretty much since the beginning.
They sell at a slow regular pace, but still my favorite item.
Everything about this Alien umbrella appeals to me personally.

Just wanted to share.

Vintage 1950s RETRO UFO SciFi RED Alien Umbrella 1950s re... (301651700673)

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