Saturday, December 31, 2016

Adult Diapers n 4 Hr Erections #pezoutlaw

Am I the only person on planet Earth that sees the irony of Adult Diapers n 4 hr Erections.

I'm becoming very confused by the Commercials on evening TV.

If TV commercials are any indication, we seem to be OK talking at great length publicly about erections, jellies for sex play, adult diapers, all manner of creams and cleaning supplies for women down there.

I'm told nightly that I can not get an erection. I need a Diaper because I seem to be peeing my pants a lot. It appears I also can not sleep. The bowels Oh my, they seem to leak, need fiber or softening. Almost forgot drugs for sanity that seem to all put you on suicide watch.

According to evening TV I'm a mess.

I'm just saying when n who decided it was OK to talk in such great depth about penis's, vagina's n butt's. It just seems to go on n on n on.

Kinda makes you long for cigarette commercials.

I gotta, just one last thing.
4 hour erections, seriously.
Can you think of one useful thing for a 4 hour erection besides well obviously, a hat rack.
Why in God's name would I ever wish that on myself. I went through that as a child, basically a walking erection for a few years. It was not pleasant in the least. I can think of nothing that would make me take a pill that might make me relive that.
To me wanting a 4 hr erection is on par with a desire for anal leakage. Another favorite of evening TV.

Now, I want to have sex, if I can get my adult diaper off.

Intimate body part TV, NOT A FAN.
Thank God for DVR's.

My new favorite print ad campaign is Go Commando, you know because you have finally wiped your butt good enough not to leave skid marks.
You can not make this "stuff" up. Correction, that's exactly what's being inferred.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

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