Thursday, December 15, 2016

WHO CAN AFFORD THAT SHIT - 24/7/365 #pezoutlaw

The unemployment number came out today. The Political Class say that the unemployment rate is 4.7%, with n I love this part 38,000ish jobs created. The participation rate in the workforce is 62%.

You know what, screw it, we'll talk about that fairy-tale another time.

For today, right now let's talk about vacations.
I have not had or been on a vacation in more than 15 years. People I know, several at that have been on vacations of one sort or another 4 times in the last year.

Wowzers, that sure must be nice.

It seems to me that right now there are two classes of people.

1. People who are always going on long weekends, mini vacations or outright week to 2 week vacations.

2. People who can't even think about any kind of a vacation for years or decades at a time.

Within certain types of businesses n government work, you wonder why it takes forever to get anything done.

Me I don't wonder, why is obvious. They are forever on long weekends or outright vacations.

I have always lived in a world that didn't or does not care. I'm expected to get it done.

Me I work 24/7/365. no breaks n DAMN SURE NO VACATIONS!

Tell ya what. If somebody gave me an all expenses paid 2 week vacation in Hawaii, I'd have to send Kathy n Ri on it. I have just got to many things to do.

The horses n the dogs don't take vacations.
I do though take breaks n this one is now over. Billy Dog just said so.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

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