Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Suicide Death Alzheimer's #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I decided to put 3 rough topics all in 1 post.
These subjects suck at getting views but I feel they are important enough to keep up. 

To be honest this post will do shitty.
Talking about things people prefer not to is not a view getter.
I'm going to leave this post up in spite of that.
If just one person finds help or feels less alone, this post is worth it.

Recently I was informed that someone I know is talking about committing suicide.
This comes on the heels of a young man with small children that I know who did commit suicide.

I have to admit to you that this troubles me.
I've told you that part of my deal is that I have many voices who fight to be heard in my head.
One faction just likes to dredge up whatever it thinks will upset me.
So of course that topic gets air time in my head.

Life is a very complicated journey, with very few truths that are easily known.
The most important of those truths and my number one rule is.
You were born so it's abundantly clear that you are supposed to continue life's journey to it's natural end.

Every month I suffer from a few days of depression.
Sometime my internal clock gets really messed up n this can go on for a long time.
That said I always remember, even if the depression lasts for a month, it will pass.
That on the other side is something worth waiting for.
You do not give up, you play the hand out. 

Yes I suffer from depression but on the bright side I'm an unbelievable optimist.
I believe in myself and I believe anything is possible if you keep trying.
I do not understand giving up as a result of depression.
To me if you are at bottom you fight with constraints and inhibitions removed.

If you feel you have nothing left to lose, instead of choosing suicide you should consider the idea that you have been liberated.
I try to turn negatives into positives.
Depressed n at your bottom = free to fight with nothing to lose.
Obsessive compulsive = focus n tunnel vision on a goal.
Bipolar schizophrenic = a very unique viewpoint on life. ability to find solutions n ways of looking at things that others don't.
ADD, well not sure yet, that one still stumps me. though I admit that when I catch myself running around like Ricochet Rabbit. It does make me laugh.

I can talk about these things because they are my life.
Actually diagnosed schizophrenic in 1969. 
Some things you just know to be true, High highs low lows Bipolar.
Constantly checking n double checking doors locks knobs, obsessive compulsive.
Distracted to new shiny objects or thoughts ADD.
Depression, I'm coming out of a 3 day cycle at this moment.
So yeah I believe I get the right to talk about these things.

To people who worry about who they are to others.
Close your eyes n look inward. Figure out who you are not who you are to others.
Project that inner vision of yourself to others.
If they don't get it or reject who you truly are.
Screw them, they're idiots, be a force of nature.
Care about what you think n what you think of yourself.
Find as close as you can to inner peace.

Every day is a gift, each is a fresh chance to get it right.
Each morning when you wake is like a rebirth, you can if you choose leave yesterday behind n start new.

I hope my life's journey will be an inspiration to people who find themselves at the bottom.
Hopefully they will see how not giving up, choose life.
That it is possible to find something to live for.
That there is hope. 

Choose life.Choose to dare the impossible.
Death will find you soon enough.

The D Word

Don't play with death, you might make it aware of you.
We all deal with the inevitable eventuality of death in our own way.
I overheard Kathy say to someone, he thinks he's never gonna die.

I have been trying to deal with death since I was roughly 5 years old.
Watching Roy Rogers with my family a character on the show died, which brought me to inconsolable tears.
My mother bless her, got out the Bible to try n help me find peace with it all.

I've told you that there are many voices/personalities in my brain and that I've selected the best of them to be in charge.
One of those voices is death, not a fun guy at all. He has been thrown through the front window of my mind more times than I can count.

Death will find me when it's my time, I do not and I will not waste valuable moments of life in contemplation of death.

I choose instead to live inside each moment of life. I rarely think in the past, as I believe each day to be a new beginning. A fresh start, an opportunity to do better.

My personality has evolved, once angry n short fused, now calm and measured.

To the contrary I am very aware that I am going to die, that shadow has walked by my side every second of my life.

It's there, I just refuse to think about it. While I can, I choose life.
I choose to live each day as it's own in defiance of death.

To live each day does not for me include Bungy Jumping or a Bucket List.
Each day has it's own value, without High Octane Adrenaline filled activity.
I like normalcy, familiarity.
People with "Normal" minds seek Crazy Fun.
For us Crazy folk, we seek normal, calm n happy.


My father died from Alzheimer's so you know, kinda worried about that.
About 15 yrs ago, last time I saw a Doctor, He played the Alzheimer's game. 
I was not amused, I walked out on that Doctor.
Don't they realize that we are scared to death of that shit.

I've told you that my grandfather was the town drunk in Farwell Michigan.
I've told you that I'm an Alcoholic, sober 45yrs.
Well my dad was a text book Alcoholic also.
Forgive me but it is my prayer that his Alcoholism contributed to his Alzheimers.
If you know different, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
I cling to this thread of hope.

Which brings us to Last night, when I went out to bring Tenny horse in for the night.
Kathy n Laurie were in the old barn when I got there.
AHEM, Dude you got the wrong horse.

On examination I had grabbed Robin not Tenny.
Here's the problem Robin is a big draft cross, tenny is more or less a pony.
Well shit, Talk your way out of that one.

When I get Tenny I find Bo then just grab the other one.
Other than white splashes on Bo, he n tenny are identical.
Found Bo, looked down where tenny usually is.
Expected to see Tenny so Tenny is who I saw.
Walking downhill to get him Robin looked shorter.
Just looped him n off we went.
Tenny n Robin thought it was a great joke.

Explain this one dude.
Robin is the only one that wears a blanket in that pen.
To be honest, I just didn't look.

Major embarrassment which is bad enough I'd've figured it out but shit, 2 people saw me do it.

So yeah, Alzheimer fears crept in.
After all, I do love to torture myself.

Here's the truth though.
I expected to see Tenny so I saw Tenny.
I was not paying attention, Kinda cold.

Unlike everybody else around here I'm actually not a horse person.
I feed, pick up horse poo n talk to the horses, that's it.
I do not ride horses. 
So all the nuances of each horse are lost on me, Don't care.
Red Horses are red Horse's.
Smokey/cowboy is Black.
Dub is Buckskin n that's fancy, he's tan/brown.
Gabe is Big Ole Gabe.
Marny is Marny, Roz is Roz.
Hell, there are 18 horses around here??????

Anyway, Thanks One Hell Of A Lot Kathy n Laurie For Stoking My Alzheimer Fears. 

Add to the above my general squirrelyness.
I have OCD n A.D.D. tendencies.
I have very long rituals that each must be done so I can move on.
Every gate must be checked. Doors must be checked.
Like that shit isn't enough, Kathy n Laurie had to catch me drifting.
Seriously, When does a guy catch a break around here?

For the record stop giggling; Tenny, Bo, Robin, Kathy n Laurie.
It was not that funny.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bag Of Hammers #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Short For - Dumber than a bag of Hammers. 
I realized that some may have never heard this one.

I don't want to cast any aspersions on the author of this post, BUT!
Sorta like I don't want to call ********** an idiot or a lier, But!

I covet the moment when fantasy becomes reality.
The day the name goes from goofball wanna-be to, are you him?
I can't wait to say, oh my I'm just to busy. 

On one hand I think, this kinda thing never happens for folks like me.
On the other hand, life is fleeting.
You're here then you're gone n none of it means anything, so why not.

The most honest thought I have is that I hope I'm still alive so I get to enjoy it.
Because if I'm not, again who cares.

Last time I was very careless.
This time you're looking at the most careful person you're gonna meet.
Slow easy n withdrawn.

Not many get a second shot, I'm not gonna blow it.
I've worked in isolation for almost 2 decades for this shot, it will not have come for nothing.

I have a set of goals, once achieved, my end will be done.
I'd like to see others within at that point get an opportunity.

Went nuts a bit ago, anxiety got the best of me.
the calm before the storm has returned.

I'm kinda betting everything on this.
Like they say, be all in or go home.
Prayers are welcome.

Go Funded by positive energy. 
Tink n the gang. 
Brother Can You Spare A Dime Productions.


SiriusXM The Highway | Facebook


Where do people keep there Armies?
In there sleevies.

Pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants.
Bartenders says, Why do you have a steering wheel in your pants?
Pirate says. ARRRRR! I don't know but it's driving me nuts.

Good Clean Fun.
I love stupid jokes.
I gotta tell my grandkids these jokes.

If you have any good clean jokes, tell me them on facebook.
I'll add them to this post under your name.

As a child, I thought. 
Rusty bedsprings by I.P. Freely was the funniest joke I'd ever heard.

As a child my naughty joke was.
Under the bleachers by Seymour Butz.

As a child I knew other naughty jokes that my cousins on the farm told me.
I thought they were just great, even though I had no idea what they meant.
Though I pretended I did. 
No naughty jokes though. I'm no longer 8 yrs old n I no longer like them. 

New Jokes From facebook

Heather Johnson When I was a kid I loved this one:

Q: How do you make a tissue dance?

A: Put a little boogey in it!

Amazing Images

I'm not a picture person, so it's gotta be pretty good to move me.

From new followers on twitter.

-: ranju :- �@imagerju Aug 6

-: ranju :- �@imagerju 5h

-: ranju :- �@imagerju Aug 21

History In Pictures �@HistoryInimagex Jul 28
Good morning

History In Pictures �@HistoryInimagex Aug 20
Weighing in at 3,200 pounds.

Tom&Sawyer Pet Meals �@tomandsawyer Aug 5
Sometimes our ‪#‎pets‬ ‪#‎adopt‬ us! The incredible story of a homeless ‪#‎dog‬ who joined a marathon and found a new life.
What can I say.
I Love Dogs.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dead in a Ditch #WildHorsePosse Milo n Ri #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Dead in a Ditch

Got another ear worm on Friday.
The only way I know to get rid of it is to write it.

Watched a comedy on TV called the Real Oneals.
The dad's explaining the pitfalls of poor choices to his 12 year old daughter.
After each example of a poor choice she might make he sums up each as resulting in "Dead in a Ditch".
As a tie in at the end of the show, the 12 year old girl repeatedly throws her older football type brother to the ground exclaiming "Dead in a Ditch" after each toss.

Fridays offering was 4 episodes.
I loved Dead in a Ditch, the rest not so much.
My biggest bummer was that the husband n wife were divorcing, yet he was living in the basement.
The couple got along great, seemed to even to like each other, yet for modern reasons of wanting?????????? were getting a divorce.
Jesus people make an effort!

Love is not the Heat of Sex.
Love is the other 23hrs 50m of the day.

Kathy n I have been together for over 45 years.
Folks I'm gonna tell you this, you can not get to the good part if you give up n don't put the time in.
I would do anything for Kathy, she requests or mentions n it's yes mam.
She's my best friend n the person I trust.

So not a big fan of The Real ONeals, but I loved the episode I call "Dead In A Ditch".
Jesus I hope that got rid of the EarWorm. 


Yesterday the #WildHorsePosse was called into action once again.

pic by Moriah, me far left orange hat, big ass coat

After action report.
Beth one of Cindy's boarders calls Kathy.
Somebodies horses are loose, running in the woods behind Cindy's.

Kathy comes into the office, put your boots on some horses are loose.
Yes mam, even if puzzled.
Off we go in the truck, neck ropes, halters n leads in tow.

Met up with Moriah/Ri, Beth n some others about a mile away.
A meeting was held n things were decided.
Somewhere along the way we picked up the horses owner.

Strategy in place we all headed another mile north where we spotted the horses.
Joe n Mac were in the woods a bit just standing there.
Everybody had a bucket of grain, but when they got close the horses just moved further away.

Here's the way I see it.
Horses on a run are in a Hyper state of excitement n fear.
They love the freedom because somewhere deep down it feels natural yet scary because it's no longer how they live.

Human Voices tend to be a bit to high n excited to them in that state.
I walked into the woods as quietly as I could, avoiding breaking branches on the ground or flinging low hanging limbs.
I spoke to them in the lowest calming voice I could n still be heard.

Joe/horse rewarded me by walking up to me from 6r8 ft away.
I'm not gonna lie to you, it's a really good feeling when an animal that you've never met decides to trust you when they're sorta scared.
I walked him over to his owner n he got a mouthful of grain for being a good boy.
Mac/horse was no problem after that.

The owner lady n I walked the horse the half 3/4 of a mile home, me in the orange hat  n big ass coat.
The lady was very thankful, told her, just being neighborly.
City folk who live in the country don't understand so all us horse people need to help each other when horses get out.

The lady n her husband asked my name???????
Now things get tricky.
Kinda like this, if I gotta say it, it's steve, but I don't like it.

My name is Hey or Pez Outlaw if you must.
Maybe I should just quit telling people my given name is steve n just start responding Pez Outlaw. 
The name steve makes me squirm, that guy died a long long time ago.

The short version.
By using my name, I become him, I prefer to be me.
Look, it's a whole thing, so maybe stop reading here.

The lady thought I might like a different name??????
Sorry not so much, Truth be told I don't want to be referred to by any name at all. 
You know how you talk to someone when you can't remember there name by avoiding it at all costs, that's exactly the way I like it. 
No name. You know that guy over there with the long white beard that has horses.

I prefer to not be referred to by a label or designated.
A steve is a steve, I refuse be boxed in or categorized by that name or any other.
If you want to talk to me, just talk to me.
You want to talk to a steve, go find one, I'm sure he'd be happy to talk to you.

For the record, I also don't like being labeled as a bigot, racist, homophobe or anti-Islamist.
New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc, nasty labels for people with a different point of view is just lazy.

If you designate or label me, you can dismiss ME.
Without them you are forced to see me.
If you want to call me crazy, I can live with that but all that other stuff is just mean.
If you want to talk to me, do it, but don't try to talk to me through the filter of a label or name.

Kinda got on a tangent there.
God, I hate names.
Anyway, #WildHorsePosse

Milo N Ri

This is something that makes me happy to my core. As many times per week as Milo and I can squeeze out we head to the trails at my parents' house. We walk and we run with a goal of getting at least two miles in and spending at least a half hour out there. I love being outdoors, with animals and moving my body.
Moriah Newman

Kathy n I moved to our 20 acre dream approx 41 years ago.
To be honest, we got kicked out of Lansing Michigan by a judge.
We ended up in court for having about 20 or 25 dogs.
The judge said if we moved to the country that he would dismiss the case.

Kathy n I found an old wrecked up farm on 20 acres.
Being sorta Hippie-ish, the place suited us just fine.
The land had been farmed to death, no worms.

After the last crop of corn had been harvested, we let the land go back to nature.
The one thing I did do was cut a maze of trails into the new brush. see Ri's pic.
When I cut those trails over 3 decades ago I couldn't have imagine what everything would look like today.

I've mowed n worked on these trails for 35 years.
We've planted flowers, Walnut n Pine trees. 
The project will never end.
I usually have 3 to 4 ongoing projects at any one time.

Remember how I said that the soil was dead when I began, no worms.
Well, the soil is now rich n teaming with life.
I use horse manure to augment almost every project.
I love watching horse manure go from road apples to coffee grounds.
The process takes 3 to 5 yrs.

By accident I've started a new project.
When I cut down n moved the last old building on the farm, there was a deep bogg that I needed to fill. see Fence Post, post. #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw..
I dug out the dirt I needed from the side of a hill behind the Shop/Hay barn.
The plan was to fill that back in with manure.
Well a few months later I've discovered that what I actually created was the perfect place to cure manure for use as fertilizer on the farm.

Fresh manure is just to hot to put anywhere near plants.
Manure needs to drain n cure at a minimum for a few months to a year.
If manure is in a static situation it's a year.
Though this new thing I found by accident allows the manure to actually drain n if I only remove from say 1ft up, The manure becomes usable in half the time.
Granted, I like to dress new areas with manure in the fall which gives it an additional 1/2 year to cure.
All this moving around is good for manure also, it needs the rotation.

Back to the first subject, The Trails.
Ri, uses them a lot which I love.
I just wish more people would get back there n ride/walk them.
They truly are getting beautiful.

My big plans.
If I can get the seeds, I want to carpet bomb the trails with wild flowers.
Problem as always is money.
I've bought bulk lot wild flower seed, It doesn't seem to take.
What I find works are those fancy bags of annual n perennial mix with the green kitty litter in it.
Problem is to do things the way I'd like to I need about 100 bags of those store bought mixes.

Anyway that's on my wish/dream list. 

Ice Warning

This morning I had to help put the stalled Horses out after some icy weather.

Here's the thing about me n horses.
I do not ride horses, no interest.
I wanna ride something, I got a tractor.

What I do with Horses though is feed, water etc.
The horses know who I am, what I do n when.
I ask nothing in return except consideration from them on the occasions we do interact.

So we start with Marnie, strong willed, can get upset if conditions are wrong.
Not a problem in the world, very cautious on the ice n listened.

Tenny, my little soldier just walked very slow n matched my every step.
What a good boy.

OK Gotcha, nope a perfect lady.
Roz the scaredy cat, listened n went like silk.
N so it went.

To me it's all about payback.
I do for them n they know it, if I don't get consideration back from an animal when I need it.
That animal is going down the road.

Cracks me up, Ole Busta n Smokey both said, what's the big deal we've been out here in this all night.
Of course then Smokey asked for some Horse Crack.
Smokey is addicted to these dark colored horse treats n gets very excited to get some???????

To all our Horse Moms.
Every-bodies great n every last one of your babies were very good children.
I gave them all a sweet flake for breakfast.

You no doubt are noticing that I'm not even trying to write a post as good as Big Fish.
Big Fish type posts are rare, they happen when they happen.
To think you can write one every few days is just setting yourself up for failure n disappointment.
Instead I figure we'll just talk for a while.
It'll happen again when it's time.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.



Friday, September 25, 2015

We're Doooooomed! #pezoutlaw #hollywood

This 1 LL Never Make-it 
DOOMED, I tell ya. DOOMED!
Doomed as Doomed can be.

I believe computers are Ageist.
Kathy says that's not a word.
I stand by it 123%.

You know how on TV shows the young kids look up or find answers to anything in seconds on the internet.
As an old person I gotta tell ya, not my experience.

Searches are cluttered with useless info.
Actual clicks are usually dead ends that you have to close the window to get out of.

Why do computers look so easy n useful when the kids do it on TV?
Most every search I've ever tried ends up abandoned in frustration.

Oh yeah n where's that cool screen you see on TV shows that's b&w with just pure data search info.
I tell ya, I feel like I'm being excluded from some exclusive club that only the cool kids get in.

Then there's the weekly great update that my computer forces me to endure.
Seriously children every little cool idea you have is kinda a useless pain in the ass.

Just once I'd love to tell one of those updates, nope I'm good, have a nice day though.
I have a big problem with all the useless time consuming mandates that the internet imposes on my computer.

My computer has been telling me for weeks that I'm in breach of some apps required to continue.
Computer, I don't want any apps, don't use them or really know what they are.

N The Kicker.
My computer decided I needed another update again last night.
I mean, REALLY! What was that spite.

I'm beginning to fear that my computer wants to control me.
The real pornado on the internet is all the crapp my computer n the internet force me to do.

Seriously, I wish my computer would just leave me alone to work on my stuff unmolested.
I do not use a cell phone n one day It's my dream to walk away from my computer forever.

Well ain't that somethin.
Call me Sally, this post made it.
611 views in 72hrs.
Shows ta go ya. 

NFTA has over 310,000 views to date.
Hey what do I know, I just work here.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pez Outlaw, Anarchist

After this mornings rant about Climate change you might think Pez Outlaw is a foaming at the mouth Conservative.

I've wondered often if I'm a Libertarian.

I got to tell you though, the little voice in my head was labeling me an Anarchist.

I hate authority, anyone trying to control me in any way, I rail against it.

I hate conventional thought.

I question everything.

If you tell me I have to do something, my instinct is to say screw you even if it would be good for me.

I do not read directions or refer to manuals.

I believe that the Universe will speak to me not man.

Take a good look at Pez Outlaw Diary. Were these the actions of a Conservative or an Anarchist.
My act of rebellion by writing Pez Outlaw Diary and fighting for 15 years rather than submission to Pez Corporations actions against me. Were these the actions of a Conservative or an Anarchist.

I've always just called it crazy but maybe Anarchist would sound cooler.
You know how people nowadays speak in admiration of a fellow they say thinks outside the box.
Cool as far as it goes, but what if you think outside the box because you are not capable of thinking inside the box?

Pez Outlaw Diary

Monday, September 14, 2015

Wisdom #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I try to afford myself the freedom to follow a thought to it's logical conclusion.
In the end I do not necessarily even have to agree with the thought.
This process is not without boundaries, there are areas I will not broach.

Anything to do with sex is out of bounds, anything.
The plight of Black people n the relationship of that plight to the Democratic party, no.
Islamic Fundamentalism. No, leaving that to the media.
Women's issues, none of my business.

Other than that though I like to think a thought through, follow it till it runs out.
Some are interesting, some are a waste of time.

Here on Notes From The Asylum the stats tell me the winners from the losers.
It's kind of interesting to see what works n what does not.

So if you disagree with something I write here, don't feel alone, there is every possibility that I agree with you.

One last thing. I try to keep these posts to one page. No point in droning on.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Truth #pezoutlaw #hollywood

The mood of America makes it ripe for the rebellious and defiant nature of the Pez Outlaw story.The Pez Outlaw story is the American dream, albeit with a few rough edges.
It's also a statement of the strength of individual Americans.
Knock us down, we get back up n fight.

A little secret.
Americans are pissed off at government and big business.
The Pez Outlaw story captures that in its unwillingness to accept defeat and against unbelievable odds to fight back even when any realistic hope of winning is thought to be zero.

The Pez Outlaw story is America.
To my last breath, Pez Outlaw will never quit fighting for justice. 

Like he said, Money can't buy happiness but it can buy me a truck.

The truth is Politics is another hill I'm not going to die on.

I've told you that I've got this very large, very vocal group of voices in my head.
I have selected the most sane of those voices to be in charge.
The two previous posts were him allowing one of the others to play for a few minutes.

I can at the drop of the hat have an opinion about most anything including the dropping of hats.
Realistically though, none of it matters.

Few people know the name of the engineer who actually built the Pyramid.
Very few people know or care what one politician said about another 100 or 1000 years ago.
Let alone the dirty trick that one might have played on the other.
To get to caught up in the politics of today is to play other peoples games.
Truth is that us poor folk are just trying to get by n do the best we can.

The truth is I don't think I care about politics anymore.
I can have an opinion but even I would not listen to it.

Politics is just a sport, you can't carry it around with you or wear it.
It's like, I'm a Jets fan. No more, no less important. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

Wednesday, September 9, 2015



#zombie because I like it

#64 playing with children's technology
#you don't have to understand something if it works
#but how would you know



You do all this thinking as you go, Oh how clever I am, how original. Checked each one, none are original.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

pages of life

Sometimes we live life slowly like turning the pages in a book very carefully one by one. Generally though we live life like the wind quickly turns the pages of an open book.

I feel like an outsider in my life story while others very slowly control my fate. So I release the pages of my life to the winds of time.

I'm not in the least angry about this, to the contrary I am very pleased. I'm very aware of how long things take after spending 10 years to bring a single idea to life.

So for now I fill my days with work to feel a sense of motion.

Pez Outlaw Diary

What's This Mouse In Your Pocket Crapp #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

When writing in the Asylum I'm always saying we. Thing is, when I write, I do not feel like I'm alone. I always feel like your all watching every key stroke.

Either that or the we represents the crowd in my head fighting for words. I'm a High Functioning Schizophrenic  Lets go with the first one.

In a previous post I asked the Question. Is it egotistical to think a lot of what others pass off as crazy is amateurish?

Reason. I see people trying real hard, to hard to be different. Crazy tries real hard to hide itself, except when you let it come out n play.

anyway, we.... shit..... hey who's in charge today? get his ass down here, I got a complaint.
I'm going for the Gold here today (2,000views) n you guys are monkeying it up.

Pez Outlaw Diary

Christ on a bike #pezoutlaw

Have you ever noticed that it's easier to be patient about bad things than good?

If it's bad you have no choice but to weather it n wait it out.

If it's good, you want it now. What good is knowing something wonderful is about to happen if your situation would benefit greatly if it would happen sooner.

Oh crap that's right you actually have no choice with good either. The fact that good is desired makes it seem like you do though.

#22. #22. #22 ?

Christ on a bike, my # is 204.

Pez Outlaw Diary

"EVERYTHING" You Need To Know #pezoutlaw #hollywood @pezoutlaw

Life is the journey from Birth to Death.

How you get there is what's important.

We all pull a little red wagon filled with all the stupid or awful things we've done on our journey to eventual, Death.
Try as best you can not to get your wagon so full that you can no longer pull it.

Short version. You are going to Die.
Try to remember, are the actions I'm about to take, one's I want to remember as I'm Dying.
If I only live once, is this how I want to spend that time.

This is a big one.
What you do not say to people in life is way more important than what you do say.
If what you are going to tell me will hurt me. Don't, Lie to me.
"Honesty" can be selfish, if you need to unburden your soul, tell your Rabi.

Most important.
Be nice to your Dog.

Pez Outlaw Diary

The Way Home #pezoutlaw #hollywood #NFTA

I've got to be honest at the outset.I'm not a terribly good Neighbor.
I keep to myself, It's why I moved to the country.

I moved out here on my 20 acres of heaven in approx 1975.
A couple of years later I acquired a neighbor 20 years my senior.
A very nice fellow n his wife.

My new neighbor bought the 10 acres adjacent to me that used to be part of this farm.
My first impression on him was not a good one, I told him if he ever wanted to sell I'd buy it.
First impressions aside he's been a very good neighbor.

This fellow loves horses, so he n kathy had that in common.
Move forward 40+ years n my neighbor is now 87 in and out of elderly care facilities.
His horse is long gone.

Though he did build a room on the back of his house so while laying in his bed he can watch the horses in my pasture all day.
The Pen he gets to observe for his pleasure n enjoyment is what I call the Wild Bunch Pen.
Honey B, Paco, Johnny Cash n of course The Old Man.

Though I still keep to myself, I'm very pleased that the Old Man n the Wild Bunch have provided joy to my neighbor in his Twilight years.

The Old Man/horse at 37 is showing my neighbor the way home. 

The Old Man
Did you know.
Horse age is measured 3-1 in human years.
Meaning that the Old Man is 111yrs old. 

The Old Man gets the best hay n half a bucket of grain every day.
I call it His Grandpa Food. 
The Old Man is actually in pretty good shape for his age of 111yrs old.
As you know older folk like to turn in a bit earlier than young folk.
The Old Man asks to be let into his personal stall at 5:15 pm every day.
The Wheels on.

It's a peaceful day, the voices are silent.
I had a really good nights sleep.
My gardens are doing really good. Horse poo n miracle grow.
The wild flowers in Rudy's flower bed are blooming.
Billy dog says we need to go outside n play on the tractor.

I get days like today every so often.
I haven't had happy since the year 2000
so I treasure neutral peaceful days.

To be honest Happy makes me nervous.
Happy carries A feeling of impending doom
I know I'm only going to crash from happy.
Neutral is nice.

So Billy dog n me, we're gonna go play on the tractor.

To my friends in Slovakia, I accept all facebook friend requests.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

America The Long Nightmare, is over. #pezoutlaw

I am very happy to report that after 7 months America's long nightmare is over.
Pez Outlaw Diary will    ??????
receive a $100.00 payment for clicks on adverts.

I bet you a dollar you thought I was gonna talk about something completely different.

I am overjoyed n humbled at the news I received just this morning.
I would like to express my gratitude for all the support that made this come true.


"Notes From The Asylum" earned .32 cents today. Take that Pez Outlaw. signed Skuttlebut LaBelle.
I can never remember if it's spelled with 1 or 2 T's

Skuttlebut LaBelle is a name that will be famous or infamous before I'm done. 
see what I did there Virgil. 

As crazy goes, This is Tight. or is it tite? spell check says, no.

Whew, I've said it n didn't break my overseers rules. 

Pez Outlaw Diary