Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Not a hill I want to die on. #pezoutlaw

I call Billy Dog a Danish Mastiff. Great Dane's were created by the Danish by crossing a MASTIFF with a Grey Hound. Hence to me, a Danish Mastiff.

Billy likes to dig holes. Lots of them n all over the place.
Spring n Fall are hole digging season.
During summer months Billy lets gardens grow, so as you might expect she gets very excited when Hole Season starts in the Fall.

(totally off topic. gardens etc. Proby Dog Mastiff loves Taters. Nothing makes Po happier than if you dig up a tater n toss it to her. well false Crazy Bread is her favorite. so taters n Crazy Bread.)

I just finished leveling off a spot n by evening Billy had already dug in it.

Was talking about it with one of the ladies that come here.
I told her it just wasn't a hill I was prepared to die on.

Billy has turned into a really wonderful dog n we got her here keeping almost all of the puppy.
this is always my goal.

Training dogs for cohabitation has changed radically for me over the last 40 years.
I now train conversationally. I work every day all day on n off with the dogs. I no longer care how long it takes. Quick fixes are easy but usually damage the puppy within.

With dogs, horses, children whatever, you have to decide what's important n what is not.
Dogs love to digg holes, Do I really want to live n die on that hill. NO!

Though I will have playful low volume continuous conversations about those holes.
To which Billy will just say as she peers up out of one, but it's just so much fun.

Billy Dog, HERO!

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. Nope it's Billy Dog.

Billy Dog has been after me to tell her story.
I swear she's going to be basking in the glow of this one for a long time.
Billy Dog wants a red cape.

Yesterday I was telling you how Johnny n The Old Man (horses) moved in with Paco.
Well every night The Old Man (35 year old Arab) comes in to his stall.
He needs the peace n quiet of a good nights sleep, not having to watch his back.
Also being a rather old horse he needs special food to maintain good condition.
I call it his grandpa food, 2 scoops of senior, 1 scoop strategy plus a good flake of second cutting tucks him in just right for the night.

OK that's the why, now the how.
Remember The Old Man and Johnny are in with Paco who's in a mood.
The first night I go out to get the Old Man, he n john hustle into the entry stall.
Both just shaking. (note the Old Man and Johnny are big horses, Paco is a pony)
I'm busy trying to get just one out the slider.
Long story short, The Old Man puts me into the wall.
Billy Dog comes up over the wall teeth bared, the harshest bark she can muster.
No contact was made, I won't allow that but talk is fine.

I'm fine, I'm not an easy guy to break.
Like I said if you take a broad view of Billy Dogs response to my predicament, there was a lot of good in it. I want to take a year or so to hopefully guide her instincts to measured usefulness.

Billy Dog is already picking up a lot.
When cars go by n we are outside she Po n I all pause to carefully watch them go by.
My thoughts are this. Evil Doers will just take one look at me and the dogs n decide that the dogs and I are just more trouble than it's worth.

Billy Dog is showing a lot of promise at just under 3 years old.
I just need to help her make some choices.

Billy Dog Update

The last few days Billy has hit one of those points in need of guidance that happen with dogs.
My son just walked into the house n she questioned if her response should be more aggressive.
A guy brought over some hay yesterday, again she questioned herself, should I be more aggressive.

These types of moments determine a dogs behavior for the rest of there life.
Miss them n you become that person that tells me. My dog is nippy, to aggressive, what can I do.
Always followed by, your dogs are so good.

I have had dogs my entire life, I notice micro expressions on a dogs face instinctively that most people miss. So when one of my dogs asks me a question about there role or proper response to a situation. I give them guidance.

Dogs are not a when you got the time deal. You need to be able to train at a moments notice n it's always on there timetable.

I explained to Billy, plenty of time to kill them later if they go wrong. Don't tip your hand early.
Be friendly but watch. Bad me, I say these things in front of people, probably shouldn't do that.
Thing is, Billy is a Great Dane, you have to teach her this. A Bull Mastiff knows it instinctively.

Billy is a terrific dog, I appreciate the fact that she asked me what she should do.
Good dogs ask, you must listen.
Miss the question n behavioral patterns are set.

For those of you that think you can not hear a dog talk to you.
My response is you're right n that's because you are not listening.
For those of you that think your dog can not understand you.
Trust me, my dogs understand me, playing dumb is not an option.
I spend every day from the day they arrive at my home listening to them n talking to them.

My goal is to preserve as much of the puppy as possible in the adult dog.
To achieve the perfect natural dog that understands cohabitation.

The number of people that tell me that my dogs are so good, then go into how messed up there dog or there kids dog is, truly amazes me.
Always followed by, any advice?
In my mind I always think. How would or could I go back to when the dog first entered your home n correct all the mistakes you made. Instead I just smile n suggest an obedience class.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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