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The Sockology of Cell Phones #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I want to share a secret with you. One of the many quirks I have is that I wear 3 pairs of socks, 1 pair over the other every day. I can't explain this to you, I just do.

This is said to help you understand.  Do's n Don'ts of Socks If you have 2 socks n one is softer than the other one, which foot does the softer sock go on? The right foot is the correct answer. That this matters is the point. If I do not put the softer sock on my right foot it will bother the hell out of me till I correct it.  
Cell Phones

My entire adult life, I have despised telephones. They just annoy the hell out of me, what an absolute waste of time. I even ripped a wall phone off the wall n threw it out the back door once. That was back when I was young n didn't control my temper well.

I do not talk on cell phones or any other type of telephone. 
In the 1990s when I sold PEZ I talked on them all the time. I had no choice. 
To tell the truth though I had to speak so cryptically about my business, it would've been better n easier if I hadn't.
Now though, I just find them an annoying intrusion on my life.

I do own a flip type cell phone but I never turn it on, it's only for emergencies.

I can't tell you the number of people who are annoyed thinking that of course they should be an exception to my rule.

Friends for 20+ years. No.

My older brother after the Playboy story came out was very pissed because kathy told him that I would not talk to him on her phone.

Unnamed people concerning Pez Outlaw Diary n unnameable things about it. Very annoyed that surely they should be exceptions to the rule. Like somehow it's only for the story, surely not a real thing. No.

You are who you are. Don't fight the things others think are crazy, just get them done so you can move on.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall.
Whose The Fairest Of Us All? 

Things I Like
For several years when I was younger Kathy covered all the mirrors in the house with towels for me.
The reason was that it really messed up my head to look at myself.
I do not look at myself in the mirror, if I accidentally catch a glimpse, I block it out.

I avoid anyone who wants to take a picture of me and I don't look at pictures of myself.
I do sit for Christmas  family photo's, it's a tradition in Kathy's family.
Because it's important to Kathy I do it, but I don't look at them.

I prefer not to be referred to by any name, especially steven. 
You know how you speak to someone when you can't remember there name. 
Buddy, Hey or just plain ignoring any name, that's how I like it.

If you use my name, you sorta already pissed me off. 
I get over it, but it make things awkward for a minute. 
I know, what a whack job, if only that was all of it.

I dislike any form of external reference to myself that I'm exposed to.
The article in April 2015 Playboy, nope never read it.
The Movie, won't watch it. I will help write the book, but won't read it. 

Unlike photo's I do want the Movie and the Book and will help in any way I can to make them happen.
N yes if photo's are needed in or to promote the Movie n the Book, of course I will allow it.
As long as I don't have to look at them. 

All this boils down to my need for an abstract non entity that I project from.
I want no self image or markers to be labeled as or from.
I would prefer my thoughts, what I say n how I act are the only way I am viewed.

Mirrors, photo's n names are negatives n distractions from the inner me.
To me my mind is everything n the only thing I want to project.
My mind is the only thing I want to be remembered.

I'm not concerned with how others view me, it to is only a distraction.
Though I do accept that the perception of me by others is valid.
I do not argue with it, but your perception is yours not mine.

I've stated before that reality is a mutually agreed upon construct.
One that I don't necessarily agree with, I just play along.
To defy the agreed upon reality would mean self destruction.

That's why I think that there will be a Pez Outlaw movie.
You know, Why not.
To others it's, Oh that would never happen to someone like me.

Hell I'm not even sure any of this is real, so why not a Pez Outlaw Movie.
One thing is certain, none of this is real or important after I'm dead, so again Why Not a Pez Outlaw movie.
After all, Who remembers the first guy that brought down a Mastodon n that was a pretty big deal at the time.

Well that didn't get me locked on twitter.
So far, so good.
Fingers crossed.

There are things I'm told I should not like, to be honest I just don't care. 
Actually they make me laugh.

I have absolutely no interest in what I look like. For the record it's Santa Claus. I'm much more interested in a pure presentation to the world of myself not a physical presentation.

Inner strength, self confidence etc.

My  grand-kids squabble, one cries out she says i'm or should must do x, y or z.
How different this is from myself as a child. Someone said I was or had to do x, y or z.
My answer was always a defiant NO!

Nobody told me anything when I was a kid. I'd figure it out for myself, thank you very much.
Nothing has changed.


Kathy once bought a cordless telephone for her mother. Her mother refused to use it. After seeing most of the 20th centuries changes in technology, she had had enough change.

In the 1980s n early 1990s I was very geeked out by technology at the time, I loved it. I even had one of the early bag type cell phones, then paid tons for the first clam shell type phones.

Well like my mother in-law I'm now done. My current cell phone is a flip phone & I never turn it on.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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