Monday, July 2, 2018

Saddle Up n Put On Your Rain Poncho's #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I came to Happy Horse Asylum for rest n recreation. Busy hands are happy hands, no different for the mind.
I fight tedium by engaging my mind, trying to be creative. When I get a thought right, it is very satisfying.

Interesting thing happened on my way to the Asylum, I found that I like it here. I thought I came here just to stay busy while I wait for developments/progress on other projects. All I wanted to do was stay busy n find a place to put my thoughts that had no business in  Pez Outlaw Diary . I used to clutter it up with all this stuff.

So in order to keep my main project Pez Outlaw Diary  clean, I created Notes From The Asylum.
Life has a funny old way of happening though. I came to Pez as a busy project while doing cereal boxes premiums n McDonalds. I had no idea Pez was the thing I'd become known for, my direction was Cereal.

Again life starts playing tricks. I came here because of Pez Outlaw Diary . The Asylum was just supposed to be a divergence n now it's actually performing competitively. Add to that, that I enjoy writing in the Asylum each day.

I've got no idea where we are going but saddle up n put on your poncho's and we will find out.

Allz I know is. 1500 combined views yesterday n 2136 views today. Before that we were averaging 1000 per day. It would seem we all might need to come n rest in the Asylum once in a while.

The point is this. We meander about through life thinking we are doing one thing, when all the while we are doing something entirely different. Your mind just has to be open to the revelation when it happens.

So Saddle Up, Put on your pochos n big girl panties we are all off to the Asylum.
Put On Your Big Girl Panties

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.

Pez Outlaw Diary


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