Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pez Outlaw - You're Welcome. #pezoutlaw

To My way of thinking there is no limit to the potential of the character Pez Outlaw.

The only limits to his success are the limits of the imagination of the writer.

Sinister but what the hell. 
What if the whole Pez thing n the Pez Outlaw character was only a cover used by an International Hit-man.

In context, after all this is Notes From The Asylum, So International Assassin, Why Not?
Were all those faxes to Germany about Pez Guns actually coded messages about weapons procurement? No wait that would make Pez Outlaw an International Arms Dealer not an Assassin. HMMMM, that's a possibility.

You tie all the timetables of Pez Outlaws travels to High profile assassinations all over the globe.
You're welcome.

The story of the travel, the crazy. That's just the premise to build from, a framework of facts to anchor the story.

Imagination could carry the rest. Like I've said go nuts, I just do not care.

After all, better to be busted for smuggling than as an International Assassin.

Do you really believe Pez Outlaw made all those Millions just buying n selling Pez? 

Pez Outlaw would not even get out of bed on a Hit for less than One Million Dollars. 

All I can tell you is this. When a certain writer from California we all know n love came here. I took him for a walk in the woods, where we came on a couple of prepared holes in the ground. The look on his face was "What The Hell?"

the holes are all filled in now.

It's the Asylum not Harvard. You expected poetry?

sorry took me a minute to catch that you're thing. 

The Time Travel one I will admit is only to emphasize silly.  

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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