Tuesday, December 6, 2016

El Diablo, Cub Cadet Devil Mower.

The Walking Dead, EL DIABLO

There is an argument to be made that people walking behind a push Lawn Mower are the real Walking Dead, but that's a whole nother post.
Stay on topic, would you please. 
Truth be told I find walking behind a mower very zen.

This was written a year ago n It's just gotten worse since then.
$450.00 to get El Diablo running this year n now $162.00 for a new electric PTO clutch.

I look at my Cub Cadet riding lawn mower, spit on the ground then in a low voice say "El Diablo", followed by spitting on the ground again in disgust.

I swear to God, I think my Cub Cadet riding mower is possessed.
I'm spending as much time repairing my Cub Cadet as I am using it to mow the lawn.

There is one part alone that I've had to replace 3 times.

I have to admit to being kinda peeved at my Cub Cadet. At the tail end of mowing the trails, just quit moving.

I figure it's got to be a pin of some kind that broke, but at this minute I'm just guessing. I need a day or two to cool off before I start fixing it.

I have had more problems with my Cub Cadet than any other mower I have ever owned.

For 2 cents I would put a bullet into its little pointy Cub Cadet engine n put it out of it's misery.
That is if I owned a gun or could actually hold one. I have a phobia about guns.
I'm not anti gun, I just can not hold one.
Which is why I have dogs. An all together different post.

What I am going to do is paint my Cub Cadet Flat Black.
After all El Diablo is the darkness.

Very unhappy with El Diablo.

Life is just way more fun if you have a Nemesis. The bigger the badder your nemesis is, the more life has meaning. El Diablo, Scott McWhinnie.

This is the deal, Posting in Notes From The Asylum is getting things off my chest. Sharing.
Sometimes it's interesting thoughts, sometime I just need to BITCH.

In the previous post El Diablo Strike Again I mentioned how I like to let even a machine like a tractor mower talk to me so I know what to do to repair it.

I have twice laid under a mower for 45 minutes each just staring n touching the mower til it tells me it's story so I can fix it.
In both cases, eventually the mower spoke to me n revealed all.
In one case after the mower thoroughly explained itself to me, I performed a repair that I absolutely should not have been able to do.
In the other, it showed me one thing, a seemingly insignificant thread that lead to the problem and the solution to that problem. Which by the way was the direct opposite of the manual. The manual was wrong.

I've also told you that I talk to animals and that I can hear them talking back to me.

Everything around you speaks to you. The thing is though that you have to be listening.

Animals are easier for me than non animals.
Inanimate objects sometimes take a while to get them to talk.
You have to be patient n coaxes it out of them.

The ground, a building, a tractor or even a barrel that wants to be something else will all speak to you, you just have to listen with all your senses, especially your eyes and your mind.

El Diablo Strikes Again

Within my little circle, 4 people I know own Cub Cadet Garden tractor lawn mowers.

I mentioned to one about the tricky ignition, clicks or does nothing quite often when you turn the key.
The first turn of the key is the golden turn, you really want to get it started on that one, After that it get's shaky.
The problem with the ignition is exacerbated if you try to restart after running the engine for an hour or so.
One friend said, Yes mine does that also.

My point though in this post is a different one.
My son in law owns a Cub Cadet also. He's been having a hell of a time.
His Cub Cadet broke at what I call a flaw point on the mount for one of his blades.
He bought a new blade mount, another flaw not all come with zerts for grease n they are not pregreased. So we had to open it up n hand pack the core for the bearings with grease.
Another thing, his mower is a 2 blade, mine is a 3.
Why in God's name are the blade mounts different, seems like a production simplification flaw.

Again though sadly not my point today. Hold your horse I'm getting there.
Todays post is about the manual that some guys refer to for repair.
Some, not me so much, I prefer to let the mower talk to me.
So anyway my son in law puts the mower back together according to the manual.
He tests it on the yard, yeha it works. Puts it away for the night.
Next day he goes out to mow, nothing like a mow with new blades.
Barely gets started n the mower dies. Well shit, now what.

One week later I go over to see if I can spot something.
He bought a new battery, just in case that was it. nope.
45 minutes later we were about to give up, when I noticed how very tight a wire that goes under the motor was. It's supposed to be loose with extra wire.
The only way for it to be loose again was to turn the assembly under the motor 180 degrees.
Son says nope look there the manual says that the position I have it in is the correct position.
Yup, that sure is what it says. Should be able to trust the manual.

Except for 2 things.
1. This position put that wire tightly up against a turning shaft which after 10 minute running, that shaft wore off the wires plastic covering n shorted out the mower.
2. There were marks on a bar that would make the position 180 degrees different from the manual n give you back the proper position for that wire.

In short the manual was shithead wrong, I mean are you kidding me.
Checked my mower later, yes 180 degrees opposite of his manual.
How many people have wrecked there mowers by following that diagram n had to take there mower in for at least a $200.00 repair.
How many of those people were informed that the Cub Cadet manual was wrong which caused the problem. I'm guessing not many.
That flaw in the manual I bet is a steady stream of revenue to Cub Cadet repair people.

Sorta not a big fan of Cub Cadet.
El Diablo strikes again.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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