Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Zombie Attack #zombie #pezoutlaw #hollywood #NFTA

My favorite Zombie shows are iZombie n Znation.
Damned Apocalypse. 
"Puppies n Kittens".

Puddy (baby Dachshund) decides that there is an intruder. Puddy sounds the alarm. ZOMBIE ALERT!

Billy (big ass Great Dane) That's a great idea, Let's do this. Starts Howling.
Po (brindle Bull Mastiff) n Pinky (albino Doberman) join in. Ya know, What fun.
Me, Nooooo! Sounds like you guys got it, Wake me again if it gets serious.
I fall back asleep to Billy Howling. Half asleep it sounds like she is singing.

Puddy sounds the Alarm. Intruder Alert!
Natalie is here doing chores.
Puddy, Bill, Pink n Po, we are not gonna let this go.
Well shit, it's time they went out in the pen to go potty anyway.

We want back in, it's breakfast time.
Po scratching on the door. Nails on chalkboard.
So I give them breakfast.

Puddy comes in on the bed, deciding it's time I get up.
Puddy attacks my face, then curls up next to me.

Puddy attacks my face again, bites my nose.
Time to get up.
Then Puddy starts the morning war with my hands.
Puddy is saying, you are gonna get up or else.
After 5 minutes of nonstop battle, I get up.

I'm in the office writing this, all the dogs are crashed out sleeping.
They are tired, after all it was a busy night.
Excuse me, a minute Puddy's at the office door, she want's in.

I guess everything went ok. No Zombie bodies on the floor this mornin.

Puddy Run A Muck.
Mom's Gone, Puddy's in Charge?

Zombie Apocalypse 

Who was it that decided that how you became a Zombie was a virus that we all cary n everybody that dies becomes a Zombie?

On most Zombie TV shows now, that seems to be the case.
In the old days, didn't you have to be bit to turn into a Zombie?

Brief note. I just wondered when the Zombie Apocalypse changed.

Who made that decision?

Just had a really cool idea Zombie Tag.
Not sure yet if there is a whole post on Zombie Tag.
Is Zombie Tag a reality show or a philosophical discussion about the state of play in society?
ie -  the 1% vs the 99%.  Political class vs the working class. etc. It's all like playing Zombie Tag.
not sure of the direction, work in progress.
Whoa Nellie! That's most definitely above my pay grade.
Tag you're it.
Yes I'm kinda fixated on Zombies lately, but aren't we all.

KABOOM! Just fun to say.
Also a great cereal box from General Mills.
Should I just end it here n be pithy.

I watched the movie Interstellar last night.
Interstellar as a movie was kinda in love with itself very talkie, very high concept along with heavy handed propaganda about global warming.
In spite of so many strikes against it, I liked the movie.
The movie could've easily been cut to 90 or 100 minutes, like I said parts were indulgent, preachy n in love with itself.

Where it lured me in was the weaving together of space n dimensional travel, wormholes and black holes. Interstellar also had a good story if you ignored the yuck.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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