Tuesday, April 17, 2018

MOE-RON #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I wish I could make that even bigger.

I love that country song that says money won't buy me happiness but it will buy me a truck.
OK he says boat first.
I love that song.

This was a postscript on another post but I decided that I had an opinion on it.

The wisdom of the masses is supposed to be that "money won't buy you happiness".
I guarantee you though that lack of money will give you no end of unhappiness.

I honestly believe that rich folk came up with that bit of moron (pronounced MOE-RON) to try to keep the huddled masses pacified.
We are told to seek internal wisdom n peace while rich folk seek what little money we have.

Can't have poor folk storming the walls of rich folks castles.

I've been poor, matter of fact twice now. In between I had money.
Let me tell you I was a damn sight happier with money to pay my bills than I am without.

I think rich folk are trying to reason with the poor on a philosophical level.
Granted the thought is enlightened but if you can't pay your bills, it makes you miserable. Sometimes physically ill.

I'm also tired of very rich people on both sides of the isle who run for political office pretending that they could possibly have any real idea what being poor actually feels like.

So you know, Shut The F**k Up. Will ya please.
cause, money won't buy me happiness but it will buy me a truck.

I told you, I can have an opinion.

Hey maybe I should write greeting cards.
I see a prosperous future.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

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