Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Larry the cat n a dog named 8o8 #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Squirrel's n Slinky's 

There's a video of a squirrel trying to climb the post of a Bird feeder. 
The human attached a slinky to the bottom of the bird feeder that continues down over the top half of the pole.
The squirrel gets halfway up then gets on the slinky n back down to the ground he goes.
No animals were harmed in this video.

Got me thinking about words that are just funny all by themselves.
Squirrel, Slinky n a cat named Larry fall in this category.

A Cat named Larry

I've recently started watching Modern Family. Last nights episode dealt with the little girls cat who had been missing for 3 days. Being a comedy they no doubt spent a lot of time deciding what the funniest name for her cat would be.
It's not making fun of the name Larry to think that the name Larry for a cat is hilarious.

From the cat's point of view I'm sure he would say. You can call me Larry, as long as I get paid.

Morey Amsterdam was a comic genius.

Morey Amsterdam was an American television actor and comedian, best known for the role of Buddy Sorrell on CBS's The Dick Van Dyke Show from 1961 to 1966. Wikipedia
Morey Amsterdam once said that there are certain words used in a particular context that are just funny. That's really at the core of this post about a cat named Larry.

For the record, I once had a dog named BoB.
BoB, liked to play with yo yo's.

Every Bull Mastiff I've ever had was a clepto.
They'd steal anything they could reach.
Cell Phones, car keys, tissue boxes n T-P are favorites.

There was one dog though that was a specialist.
A Blue Heeler named Jake that only stole money n he'd take it straight to Kathy.
He always seemed very disappointed when we'd return the money.

The point besides just being funny

After the article came out, Kathy asked. 
What exactly are you trying to accomplish? 
Have you read this? April 2015 Playboy "the Pez Outlaw"
You realize you come off fairly cray-cray.

real simple answers, not in order. 
If I get paid, no I do not care.

In life we all become what or who we need to be to get paid. 
We become Doctors, lawyers, factory workers, salesmen or in my case Pez Outlaw.

Don't you care at all what people think of or about you? 
answer, no I do not. 

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

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