Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Way Home #pezoutlaw #hollywood #NFTA

I've got to be honest at the outset.I'm not a terribly good Neighbor.
I keep to myself, It's why I moved to the country.

I moved out here on my 20 acres of heaven in approx 1975.
A couple of years later I acquired a neighbor 20 years my senior.
A very nice fellow n his wife.

My new neighbor bought the 10 acres adjacent to me that used to be part of this farm.
My first impression on him was not a good one, I told him if he ever wanted to sell I'd buy it.
First impressions aside he's been a very good neighbor.

This fellow loves horses, so he n kathy had that in common.
Move forward 40+ years n my neighbor is now 87 in and out of elderly care facilities.
His horse is long gone.

Though he did build a room on the back of his house so while laying in his bed he can watch the horses in my pasture all day.
The Pen he gets to observe for his pleasure n enjoyment is what I call the Wild Bunch Pen.
Honey B, Paco, Johnny Cash n of course The Old Man.

Though I still keep to myself, I'm very pleased that the Old Man n the Wild Bunch have provided joy to my neighbor in his Twilight years.

The Old Man/horse at 37 is showing my neighbor the way home. 

The Old Man
Did you know.
Horse age is measured 3-1 in human years.
Meaning that the Old Man is 111yrs old. 

The Old Man gets the best hay n half a bucket of grain every day.
I call it His Grandpa Food. 
The Old Man is actually in pretty good shape for his age of 111yrs old.
As you know older folk like to turn in a bit earlier than young folk.
The Old Man asks to be let into his personal stall at 5:15 pm every day.
The Wheels on.

It's a peaceful day, the voices are silent.
I had a really good nights sleep.
My gardens are doing really good. Horse poo n miracle grow.
The wild flowers in Rudy's flower bed are blooming.
Billy dog says we need to go outside n play on the tractor.

I get days like today every so often.
I haven't had happy since the year 2000
so I treasure neutral peaceful days.

To be honest Happy makes me nervous.
Happy carries A feeling of impending doom
I know I'm only going to crash from happy.
Neutral is nice.

So Billy dog n me, we're gonna go play on the tractor.

To my friends in Slovakia, I accept all facebook friend requests.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.


Pez Outlaw Diary

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