Saturday, February 24, 2018

Attention Pez Convention Show Runners #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Believe it or not I get some of my best ideas in the shower.
I know you see the bank 1st, but this idea is about branding the bank to your Pez Convention as a very rare collectible for your attendees.
Warning, I intend to brag just a tiny bit before I pass along what I think is a very interesting idea.

Did you know that the pins you get at conventions originated from the 1st California Pez Convention.
I originated it n called it the CACDC, "I Think"?
Anyway when I put that convention on I was knee deep in creating Cloisonne Pins.
In all I created between 30 n 50,000 Cloisonne Pins, cartoon characters, pez type n advertising type.
It's been well over 20yrs so I will tell you without worry that all were bootlegged.

Within this endeavor I came across a guy that would make rings out of smaller half inch size cloisonne's.
I ask the fellow who ran the Pin Center if he could make a half inch size Cloisonne Token to be placed as an inset in a ring.
The Pin Center said absolute, of course we can do that.

Now to the point.
If you had the guys at the Pin Center to make a half inch token version of your Pez Convention pin, you could glue it on the spine of one of the pez banks I'm currently selling on ebay for approx $1.00 each n have a very unique Pez Convention give away for your goody bag.
I'm sure the people at the Pin Center could tell you what kind of glue to use.


I'd glue the cloisonne token approx where I put the Pez Outlaw image.
Anyway, that's my idea.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary 

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Crazy Paradox #pezoutlaw #hollywood

I honestly don't care if I used the words in the title correctly, it sounds cool n that's good enough for me.
It has a nice ring to it, not like on your finger, but has a good beat n you can dance to it.

par·a·dox - a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.

Here I am having a great time extolling the virtues of being crazy, trying to remove the stigma or scarlet letter that once branded us.
Then along come the headlines n crazy is once again the whipping boy for the media.
Years of work down the drain by 1 evil person.

My point is this, why do you try to blame us crazy people for evil.
Evil exists n just like you (humanity) don't want to be tied to it, neither do we (crazies).
These people that do these things are Evil not crazy, please stop grabbing the closest handle when the car stops.
We did not ask that our brains work like this, we are just trying to find what you take for granted, Happiness.

With the current mood n talk, I find myself wondering.
Am I allowed to talk about our side of the story anymore?
Yesterday I told what to me was a joke.
Black people had there President n Women thought that the last election was there turn but nope it was the crazy peoples turn n we got our President.
To me that was funny but I'm just not sure anymore.

All I know is this.
In your rush to judgement n need to find answers, you are re-stigmatizing a large group of people who are just trying to find happiness. 
We crazy people have been getting hammered for generations, when all we are trying to do is fit in your world without sticking out.

I'm going to ignore the current propaganda n tell my fellow crazies this.
Your mind is unique n has value, you view the world around you differently n that perspective has value.
Be at peace with who you are, own it.
Relabel your idiosyncrasies as valuable assets or tool if you will to your potential success in a world you find foreign.

When it's not worth the words, just turn it off.
No need to name it, just accept it n move on.

C1. Crazy Is Easy If You Are Motivated, #pezoutlaw...

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

@pezoutlaw #F4F #blockchain #bitcointalk #cryptocurrency #altcoin #bounty #pezoutlaw #airdrop

Talk about one of the biggest things I've seen on line so far.
I made 4.5 Million dollars doing something that I did not fully understand, so the fact that I don't understand this is not a problem.
Hell, to be honest I really don't understand the internet.
All are just tools to me, I use what comes to hand to accomplish my goal.

That goal is simple.

The Thief Who Ran Pez Corp for a Decade, Pez Outlaw Diary publishing Rights 

Pez Outlaw, Notes From The Asylum. Movie Rights 

All I know is that this works n that because of it I'm gaining over 100 twitter followers per day.

Why is that important?
I need to expand the awareness of Pez Outlaw because at a certain point my dream of a movie n a book become unstoppable.
I believe that if Pez Outlaw has enough followers on twitter the movie producers will give the project a second look.
Yes second look because for a year n a half I had a contract with Warner Brothers overseen by the Oscar winning producer Of Argo.

I created a gofundme page as a promotional tool?
Thinking behind it was simple, the more places that mention the name Pez Outlaw = the more places  on the internet that mention the name Pez Outlaw.
Sorry about being redundant.
Truth is a follow on twitter has more value to me than your money n it costs you nothing but a click on your computer.

I never quit on my dream jeff, I just went back to work.
It takes as long as it takes.

So thank you #Bitcoin for the support.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

More Tin Foil #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Before I start let me tell you that the conclusion you're about to jump at is wrong.

There are listening devices in our TV's, computers, those free standing devices you talk to, your cell phone n now your Dish TV receiver.
We are voluntarily bugging ourselves.
These devices are patiently waiting for us to talk to them with our requests, which means that they are listening.
Yes this bothers me, I do not have a cell phone, my computer does not have a camera n the microphone is turned off, at least I think it is.
I will never own one of those devices that you ask questions.

That said here's my real complaint.
With all the things that companies sell us to listen for our every want, I feel like the one person on planet Earth that these things do not want to listen to.

Case in point.
I try to use twitter n facbook, but I now have had my account frozen on many occasions by twitter.
It would appear that this desire to spy on people does not apply to me.
If twitter is any indication all these devices I fear are listening to us 24/7 would turn the mike off on me.
It would appear that I wear them out with an endless stream of consciousness, TMI.

It feels like These devices that are always listening hear my voice n say, OH GOD NO, shut the mic off I just can't bare listening to any more of him.


When we're young we say a lot of foolish things, thinking somehow that day will never come.
Now I spend a lot of time listening to Willies Roadhouse because it takes me bake to a simpler time.

You think about your legacy.
Are these my footprints?
Washed away with time.
Is this my attempt at immortality?

I've become the thing I used to seek.
I'm torn between two directions.
Is this about gifts squandered?
Or survivors guilt.

A screed about selfishness n pride.
Said in few words, hopefully without harm.
Rejected after hearing about loss.
Leaving me without words.

This is best.
The grand rant seems indulgent.
Can words alone bring revelation?
The Preacher rarely wins hearts.

A single persons loss touches me deeply.
Withdraw the excuse, choose differently.
Bewildered, I continue.
Better has passed.

I still dream.
Hope lives.

Writing posts for the Asylum is a very interesting process. When I started Twilight, the intended subject was very different. While mulling over the content, life intervened n I gained a new perspective.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Rocks Float #pezoutlaw #hollywood

What an interesting n odd way to look at something.My guess is you clicked this post hunting for an enlightening metaphor. 
Of course there is one but not today, today it's about the other things that give me joy.

Yes rocks float, to clarify in dirt.
Have you ever noticed how rocks seem to work there way up to the surface.
There's a point to this. 

Over the last week I've been working on a kinda big project.
Moving a barn n creating a circle drive.
Barn was in a bog n smack in the middle of where I wanted to put the circle drive.

I'd put a large amount of rocks at the entrances to the barn.
Well if I'd left them there they'd have just work up n killed the mower.
So I dug them all out n used them as a base for the drive.

The project is going well, but it would go better if I had any money.
What I wouldn't give for 5 six inch 8ft fence posts, 6 of 12ft 4x4s n 6 sheets of 3/4 OSB.
Make do n increase the labor quotient.

Temp is about 80 now n the work has been brutal.
Chores, manure removal, getting hay, then the projects.
4 hrs to mow, then weed whacking, plus the gardens.

Yesterday was stump removal day, got 5 of them out, 3 to go.
Did I mention that I do this shit alone.
Well me the tractor n Billy Dog.

This morning I got up n to my surprise I felt pretty good.
Felt like crapp for about a week.
Just plain wore out.

When I was a child I played football in 9th n 10th grade.
Workouts began in August.
We're talking exercise till you puke workouts.

This spring has been that same kind of rough.
10 days ago I thought I was getting back in shape after winter.
Silly Rabbit.

The last week has been a whole new level of tired.
You push up to the line n hydrate.
Collapse n do it again the next day n the next day.

I know where the line is.
Muscles start cramping from fatigue.
You needed to stop half hr ago. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.
I drink 48 oz of water in summer each day while I work.
I also drink 16 oz of Electric Lights liquid. 

Electric lights is intentional so no comments.
I'll live in my world, you live in yours.
My ways more fun.

Then you wake up one morning n you don't feel to bad.
Actually feel kinda good.
I like work, it keeps the mind busy.

Anyway, Rocks Float.

I just realized something.
I'm not invested in any particular post.
Me, just talking. 
I'm perfectly happy to let readers decide what they like.

here's what you think.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
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Pez Outlaw Diary

Monday, February 5, 2018

Big Fish Mystery #pezoutlaw #hollywood

Case File 19. 

15 years ago I was in Paris.
No idea what the future held.
Do I really want to know?

Shadows fall.
How do I fit my dreams into this reality?
The Absurdity of life is intoxicating.

Don't tell people what you know is true.
Wear the face people expect to see. 
Mustn't appear different.

I keep going back to 51% Sane.
Are you ready for what's coming?
Maybe I wasn't

Bones in the crawl space? 
If not for crazy, reality would kill me. 
The shame of Time lost.

The cycle repeats.
My Angel is gone. 
Maybe Today.

Nothing is fixed.
Neglected past, unrecognized present.
Fantasy the last refuge.

The tears of a child for his future.
A window from that moment to this?
Is it yet to come?

I can't control how others see me.
That's their truth.
Crazy would be to try.

Truth revealed itself.
Shame fell away.
Darkness claimed it's own.

Champion, Rocks Float , 12,000 views.
4 posts in Notes From The Asylum have well over 6,000 views each.

NFTA currently is at 565,000 views overall. 
My twitter page has had approx 5million impressions.


"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas

I like to think of life like the the stars in the sky.
Each star is a moment in time or a thought.
With NFTA I try to pluck some of those moments to create a stream of thought.

I understand that abstract thought is not every-bodies cup of tea.
Those that don't get or like it, don't.
Those that do, I treasure.

Life is just the agreed upon version of crazy.
My search is connect the unconnected dot that we usually can't see.
Big Fish was a gift, that I'm very grateful for.

The title always comes first.
The words fall down underneath it.
The Universe in all its forms will speak to you if you are listening.

I have no use for the past n little for the present.
My interest is the moments in between.
Moments of clarity, a brief conversation with the unseen.

Reality is tedious, but moments of clarity are delicious.
I live each day in the hope of those brief moments.
I don't get them every day or even once a week, but often enough that I wait for each one.

That's why I'm so grateful for Big Fish.
The title is the key that unlocks the door.
Within is that which feeds my soul. 

Abstract thought is like dancing between raindrops n not getting wet.
The raindrops of the past, the present n the future.
What I want can only be found between the drops of rain.


I really like Big Fish Mystery.
In my attempts to create abstraction with words, to date it's my best.
I really hope that you agree. 

Big Fish is now at over 5,000 views n at the top of my A-List. 
When you love something it feels really good to see approval. 

? some perspective might shed light.
I have cut approx 300 of the 520 posts I've written.
It used to be I cut a post if it only achieved 250 views in say 4 months.
Now posts with 500+ views get cut, I only want the best on Notes From The Asylum.
Very soon that bar will be any post with less than 1,000 views will get cut from NFTA.
Number of views are like ratings here at the Asylum, just like TV low ratings get cut.

Notes From The Asylum is just under 2yrs old.
It used to take 6months to a year for a post to hit 1,000 views.
Only 2 other posts have had this type of success out of the 500 posts I've written n the 194 that have survived on NFTA.
That said though over a dozen posts are now at over 4,000 views ea.
1 post is at over 7,000 views, 2020 ☑️ PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT #pezoutlaw #holly...

Of all the things I've done in my life, I would find the most gratification in Notes From The Asylum being published. 
NFTA is creation n I love that most of all.

Within the next 2 months Notes From The Asylum will reach a very big milestone.
Unfortunately, to broadcast it might not be something I should share.


To my knowledge Congress nor the President are going to pass a law giving Pez Outlaw success.

So Forgive me, I just feel if my life is gonna change, I gotta do it.
Various administrations come n they go, my destiny is up to me.
So Holidays etc, I continue to work. 

Other peoples good fortune is there's not mine.
I choose not to live through there success or failure.
To do so would diffuse my efforts. 

Congratulations n good luck but honestly it will not change my life.
Only my efforts can be mine or change my life.
That said we continue, I have daily goals that must be met. 


Today my mood like my Boots has a lot of mud on it.
Have you ever noticed how your mood reflects the weather?

Yesterday one of the gals had a really good day with her horse.
She was walking around on cloud 9 n didn't want the day to end.

It's all perspective isn't it.
I've been slogging around in 4 inches of mud for 4 days now, so my perspective is different.

It's all where you stand.
Nice hard ground n enclosed arena or out in the pens like me n the horses.

Of all the posts I've written in Notes From The Asylum, Big Fish n Secrets are my favorites. 

Totally off subject.
Recently I was made aware of a Blue Dog needing a home.
I just couldn't, I need a Big Red Dog.
Like Maggie Thatcher said, I'm getting Wobbly.
Big Red Dogs (Bull Mastiff's) are my Spirit Guides. 
Yes, I believe in that stuff with all my heart.
It's been to long.

Just dawned on me, maybe that's her name.

When you ask to be friended or follow me, make sure it's what you really want, because I'm relentless in pursuit of my goals.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary

Sunday, February 4, 2018

2020 ☑️ PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT #pezoutlaw #gofundmepezoutlaw

Here's the GoFundMe link

I tell you what! If I coulda got last nights 20thousand write in votes that people did instead of Roy Moore, we'd be well on our way now.
Voting for Pez Outlaw in every election is the same thing as telling the establishment that you think there a bunch of idiots. Let Pez Outlaw be your symbol of rebellion.

If you elect me President of the United States, 

Everybody Gets A Puppy.

VOTE Pez Outlaw for President

It's for the children.

This is not a joke.
The way I figure it is this, if you're gonna waste your vote on someone who is not gonna win, make that vote me.
I always wanted to be a US congressman or senator, but I'll settle for President.
I'm seriously asking you to write in Pez Outlaw as your vote for President in 2020.
How could you possibly do worse?

If it's good enough for Urkel, it's good enough for me. 

I figure if I can get the CRAZY vote  that I'm a shoe in for President in 2020.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a Pez Outlaw For President pin like this pic.

I'm crowd funding votes for Pez Outlaw for president

I'm attempting to crowd fund your write in vote for Pez Outlaw for president as publicity to get a book published.

It's for the children

It's for the children, puppies n kittens.

I'm a Strong believer in nepotism, I Will fill as many positions as possible with family members.

the caliber of my appointees..

If elected President I only think it's fair to give you an idea of the caliber of my appointees..

Every Dead person that can should get out n Vote Pez Outlaw for President


Presidential Qualifications
I shovel Horse Shit for a living.

Every Presidential election year a lot of Americans decide to not vote for any of the candidates for President on the ballot. These voters instead choose to write in a name of there own for President as a gesture of defiance concerning what is on offer. These write in votes are a right in our election process but unfortunately count very little in the end. My hope is that if you are going to write in a candidate for President that you make your protest in the name Pez Outlaw. If I can get enough people who write in a candidate for president to write in Pez Outlaw a secondary good will come from your act of protest. Your vote might also have the secondary effect of getting me a book deal. 

Your write in vote will gain you nothing, so why not let it do some good for somebody else. ME! To address a concern you might have as to how good a writer I actually am. For this book I'm trying to get published with the help of you writing in Pez Outlaw for President. I'm already under contract with the ghost writer Jeff Maysh who wrote the April 2015 Playboy story The Pez Outlaw see-   which won 2 writing awards. see- Pez Outlaw Wins 2 Awards #pezoutlaw #hollywood    

So I'm asking you to Vote Pez Outlaw as a write in for President. You know that you are going to do it anyway, all I'm asking is that you let that act of protest have a secondary good by making your write in vote for president be Pez Outlaw.

I love this straight jacket pic.

Because there are so many voices/personalities in my head, my campaign is fully staffed.
Pez Outlaw for President.   

I plan to campaign sorta hard when I have time

I plan to campaign sorta hard when I have time #pezoutlaw #hollywood: VOTE, PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT on Nov. 8, 2020

I want to recycle your write in protest vote for president into something new, a Pez Outlaw Book. Vote Pez Outlaw for President.

My philosophy on life is this. You never give up, never give in n never quit trying. Try everything no matter how foolish others might think you are for attempting it. That you do is what separates you from those who only wish for things. I have now spent almost 2 decades on this 1 project, that's the dedication to a dreams fulfillment that it takes.

I have zero money, but even that to me is no excuse. As always the trick is to find the loophole n exploit it. I have my story so for me this time that loophole is the great equalizer of the internet. With the internet I can without money pursue my dream of a Pez Outlaw book. If you write in Pez Outlaw for president this year, my dream of a book could come true.

At first glance I accept how crazy this idea seems, but if people who write in a vote for president choose Pez Outlaw, it will work.
That old thing, it's so crazy, it might just work.

Pez Outlaw For President, Recent campaign rally.

Donald trump might get 10,000 to 15,000 people at a rally, but look how many people we got in a phone booth.

Yes we held a campaign rally in a phone booth, it was the only place we could get, but we packed em in. 

Cabinet Meeting of my administration

I promise as President to do absolutely nothing except take pointless trips on Airforce 1 n play Golf.

From the big brain room

VOTE, PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT has 7,000 views so far.  

In my reality, only my numbers are relevant.

I'm shamelessly seeking validation n approval, hence the following.

Google+ Followers, please give VOTE, PEZ OUTLAW FOR PRESIDENT post a G+1 positive feedback.

Within insanity, find good
Out of chaos, find purpose
Solutions are found in the most unlikely of places
To find answers, you must have eyes that can see
Faith n belief in yourself, will carry you  

This crazy pretend world I've created is where I find refuge from the harsh n painful realities of life. My dreams are what sustain me. All my crazy schemes give me hope.

Now, On With The Show

I'm campaigning for the Mickey Mouse, Evan McMullin, Gary Johnson n Jill Stein Vote. 

Why Not, could I possibly be worse?

America has a long n proud history of crazy people running for President.
My turn.

"As President, I Pez Outlaw couldn't possibly do worse."
Pez Outlaw for President yard sign.
Pez Outlaw for President, Better than Mickey Mouse. 

It's a race to the bottom for President, Vote Pez Outlaw for President because I'm it.
So if you're looking for the bottom of the barrel for President, look no further, Pez Outlaw. 
In a year of bad choices for President, Why not make the worst choice, Pez Outlaw.

Are you better off than you were 8yrs ago?
Things could be worse, Vote Pez Outlaw for President. 

A Vote for Pez Outlaw is a vote for ummmmmm yup change.

If elected I promise a 1957 Ford Truck in every garage.
You'll thank me later, after the pulse.

Pez Outlaw for President Campaign slogan.
My best friend has a favorite stick.
Though her favorite stick changes every few days, they wear out.

I  know a lot of folks are terribly conflicted this year n are gonna write in a crazy name in protest.
I'm here to ask for that vote.
Write in any other name is just a shameful waste. 
Make your write in vote PEZ OUTLAW for president because I might get a book deal out of it.
From my perspective that vote then would not have been wasted. 

Think of your write in vote of PEZ OUTLAW for president as crowd funding a book deal for me.

Every Presidential election year a significant number of people vote for Mickey Mouse.
I'm asking for the Mickey Mouse vote.
Let's make it Pez Outlaw this time.

I know a lot of people are ashamed to say who they are voting for right now.
Say PEZ OUTLAW for President with pride. 

If mistakenly elected President, I promise to only serve 90 days, just long enough to get a great retirement package.

As President I promise that all my speeches will be pointless rambling about nothing n made up stuff.
As president many of my speeches would simply be "Dude" then, he gone.

As President I would rent out every room in the White House like a bed n breakfast to raise money to pay down the National debt. 

As President I would turn the White House front lawn into a horse pasture for the Old Man n his Buds. 

As President all motorcades would include me on my tractor moving at a snails pace. 

As President besides doing nothing, I promise to also stand for nothing. 

I promise as President it would be like I wasn't even there. 

But Wait There's More, Act now n..........

Here's the book Pez Outlaw Diary 
It's FREE online to read, right now.

After Pez Outlaw, I intend to retire.
new profile pic captures my essence

Pez Outlaw Diary